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Imagine Becoming… A Team Of. Imagine A Team Where. Everyone knows the goal Members work cooperatively to achieve results Creativity is respected New and better ways are consistently sought out People value their team membership and rarely leave for other opportunities

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Imagine a team where
Imagine A Team Where...

  • Everyone knows the goal

  • Members work cooperatively to achieve results

  • Creativity is respected

  • New and better ways are consistently sought out

  • People value their team membership and rarely leave for other opportunities

  • The commitment to success is obvious


Start by knowing where you are...


  • Understand your organization’s goals

  • Understand job responsibilities and have the skills to perform

  • Trust each other and provide help where needed

  • Deal with conflict appropriately and use it to create positive change

  • Share information openly and freely with each other

  • Know the expectations for performance

  • Use time well and solve problems effectively

Use a Team Check-up to learn if team members...


Find out why you are where you are and how to chart a course into the future...


  • Provide the results of the assessment to all team members

  • Use a SWOT exercise to get all points of view and discover ideas to move the team forward

  • Create a preferred future based on everyone’s input

  • Develop a follow-up plan and put it into action

Get the team together to review the Team Check-Up


Build a human infrastructure that will support your future...


  • Identify everyone’s communications style within the DISC model of behavior

  • Create awareness of individual style and its impact on the team

  • Show how to adapt personal styles and open communication

  • Build the elements of trust- Congruence, Reliability, Openness and Acceptance

Map the communication patterns of the team

Open Further

  • Develop listening as a key skill in communication with internal and external customers

  • Expand the ability to express ideas, feelings and goals in a way that strengthens the team

  • Help people learn more about each other while they build trust

  • Encourage responsibility and appropriate control of emotions

  • Link personal goals and values to the purpose of the team

Provide guided exploration of interpersonal communication through Adventures in Attitudes®


Provide reasons for team membership...


  • Identify each person’s strength as a Creator, Advancer, Refiner or Executor

  • Provide practice solving problems or developing new products, services or procedures using these roles

  • Experience total involvement with a 30 day idea campaign to reduce costs or increase customer satisfaction

Equip people to embrace and participate in change

Check Again

Create a feedback culture to keep the team process dynamic...

Check Again

Assess the organization and its members to measure progress and build skills

E assessmentnrich

Tap the depths of human synergy...

Enrich assessment

  • As the process continues, offer additional opportunities to strengthen the relationships between:

    • Sales reps and prospects with Sales Training

    • Employees and customers with Customer Service Training

    • Supervisors and employees with Management Development

    • All members of the team with Team Building

Take the learning deeper and deeper while expanding the potential of the team

Imagine Becoming… assessmentA Team Of

A Typical Plan assessment

How a typical organization would implement the

Team of CHOICE process

Phase 1 assessment

The Team Checkup

  • Orientation Session

  • Overview of the Team Checkup process

  • Completion of Relationship Profile (DISC)

Phase 1 assessment

The Team Checkup

  • First Town Meeting

  • Results of Team Checkup are discussed

  • DISC Profiles are reviewed

  • Strengths/weaknesses of team are identified using SWOT exercise

  • Ground rules are developed

Phase 1 assessment

The Team Checkup

  • Second Town Meeting

  • Team strengths & weaknesses are analyzed

  • Team members develop a list of possible goals

  • Ground rules reviewed

Phase 1 assessment

The Team Checkup

  • Third Town Meeting

  • Team goals are selected

  • Action plans created for achieving goals

  • Team members commit to ground rules and action plan

Phase 1 assessment

The Team Checkup

  • Optional Team Meeting

  • Advanced session on DISC model to build trust among team members

Phase 2 assessment

Building The Team Approach

  • Introduce the Adventures In Attitudes® Program

    • 10 basic modules plus specific team selections:

      • Relationship Strategies - advanced DISC

      • Time Mastery

      • Stress Management

      • Leadership

      • Innovation

Phase 3 assessment

Walking The Talk

  • 360 Feedback Assessment as required

    • Peer review of ground rule adherence among team members

    • Feedback to team leader on leadership skills

Phase 4 assessment

Continuous Improvement

  • Ongoing team member development in skills identified by earlier phases of the process

    • Sales Training

    • Customer Service Training

    • Management Development

    • Team Coaching

    • Team Leader Coaching

  • Select from a wide variety of programs, products and services to meet your team’s unique needs

Become A assessment

Team of CHOICE!