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  1. EMC VNXe AND DATADOMAIN Capabilities, options and use cases Madis Pärn Senior Technology Consultant EMC madis.parn@emc.com


  3. Next-Generation Unified Storage Optimized for today’s virtualized IT EMC Unisphere VNXe3150 VNXe3300 VNX5100 VNX5300 VNX5500 VNX5700 VNX7500 Affordable.Simple. Efficient.Powerful.

  4. Simple. Efficient. Affordable. A new way to think about shared storage Configure inseconds Get more capacity at less cost Rest easy, rock solid Starting under $10K

  5. Storage. Click. Done.

  6. More Storage. Less Effort. The easiest, most-efficient array ever Storage. Click. Done. • Next-generation architecture • Advanced multi-core platform • No-single-point-of-failure design • Multi-protocol: CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI • Powerful 6 Gb/s SAS back end • Compact 2U and 3U design • Streamlined for ease of use • Designed for the IT generalist • Application-optimized wizards • Configurable with just a few clicks • Built-in snapshots and replication • Perfect for small or remote offices

  7. Instant Expertise Best-practice wizards configure storage with just a few clicks Email Wizard Set up hundreds of Exchange mailboxes in fewer than 10 clicks VMware Wizard Hyper-V Wizard Set up 1 TB VMware datastore in 10 minutes Set up 1 TB Hyper-V datastore in 10 minutes Share Wizard Volume Wizard Set up NFS and CIFS shares in minutes Set up iSCSI volumes in minutes

  8. Instant Insight with Unisphere Navigate all common tasks through an easy dashboard

  9. Instant Insight with Unisphere View detailed reports of how resources are being used

  10. Instant Insight with Unisphere Visually drill down to individual components

  11. Instant Insight with Unisphere Enlist community help when solving problems

  12. VNXe SeriesModels Simple. Efficient. Affordable.

  13. Key Considerations: Comparing Drive Technologies • Disk drives are for more than capacity: • Drives are needed for performance, as a general rule of thumb • Flash drive provides approximately 3500* IOPS per drive • Performance SAS drives provide approximately: • 180* IOPS per 15,000 RPM drive • 140* IOPS per 10,000 RPM drive • NL-SAS drives provide approximately 90* IOPS per 7,200 RPM drive • Higher drive count always has a positive effect on data services (snapshots and replication) • The right type of drive matters: • Drive performance lends itself to different types of applications. • Flash Drives for VDI • Performance SAS drives for Databases and VMDKs • NL -SAS drives for file services and archiving

  14. Total Data Management and Protection Peace of mind without the complexity Software Packs Total Protection Pack TotalValue Pack Software Suites VNXe3300 VNXe3150VNXe3100 Security and Compliance SuiteVersion integrity and audit readiness Local Protection SuiteFile and block snapshots * Remote Protection Suite Disaster recovery and business continuity Application Protection SuiteApplication-driven data protection * Included in the VNXe3150/3100 base software

  15. VNXe Solution Packages • Seven VNXe3150-based application solutions with streamlined ordering • Simple, pre-packaged configurations • Easy to order • Rapid time to productivity

  16. Typical Customer Environment Server-based, direct-attached storage Challenges File servers • Islands of direct-attached storage • Separate storage • Separate management • Inefficient use of storage capacity • Over-provisioning • Can’t share capacity • Data availability and protection is a major challenge • Storage growth is expensive and complex to manage • Adding capacity means adding servers Employee desktops Web server SQL Server Application server Exchange Server Application servers

  17. Typical Customer Environment Storage consolidation VNXe series benefits File servers • Consolidate storage and management • Performance and capacity pools • Centralize free capacity • Eliminate file servers • Reduce average capacity requirements • Thin provisioning and file deduplication save up to 50 percent • Streamline backup and recovery • Automate centralized backup • Application-intelligent snapshot management • Application best practices Employee desktops Web server SQL Server Application server Exchange Server Application servers

  18. Solution Packages Switch Switch Switch Switch

  19. Make Your Storage Easier Simple. Efficient. Affordable. • Designed for the IT generalist • Wizard-driven provisioning • Streamlined ease of use • Ideal for small and remoteoffices • Starting at less than $9,300


  21. EMC Data Domain: Leadership and Innovation A history of industry firsts First long-term retention system for backup and archive First deduplication NAS First deduplication virtual tape library Largest deduplication array Fastest backup controller 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 First deduplication volume replication First deduplication directory replication Cascaded replication First distributed processing First inline deduplicationfor compliant archiving First deduplication nearline storage

  22. Deduplication Dramatically Reduces Storage Capacity Requirements Deduplication 10–30 times less data stored versus fulls + incrementals with typical retention policies 30 20 Data Stored 10 0 1 5 10 15 20 Weeks in Use Deduplication storage Traditional storage

  23. With Data Domain Deduplication Storage Systems, You Can… Retain longer Keep backups onsite longer with less disk for fast, reliable restores, and eliminate the use of tape for operational recovery Replicate smarter Move only deduplicated data over existing networks with up to 99% bandwidth efficiency for cost-effective disaster recovery Recover reliably Continuous fault detection and self-healing ensure data recoverability to meet service level agreements WAN

  24. Data Domain Basics Easy integration with existing environment Control Tier Backup and Archive Applications EMC Symantec CommVault IBM HP Veeam Quest Target Tier Disaster Recovery Tier CIFS, NFS, NDMP, DD Boost Ethernet Virtual Tape Library (VTL) over Fibre Channel Replication DD890 appliance DD890 appliance

  25. Thurs Incremental A C K Second Friday Full Backup Friday Full Backup Mon Incremental A B H B C D E F L G H A B C D A E F G Weds Incremental Tues Incremental E C G B I J A B C D E F G Data Deduplication: Technology Overview Store more backups in a smaller footprint Backup Estimated Data Logical Reduction Physical FRIDAY FULL 1 TB 2–4x 250 GB Monday Incremental 50 GB 7–10x 5GB Tuesday Incremental 50 GB 7–10x 5GB Wednesday Incremental 50 GB 7–10x 5GB Thursday Incremental 50 GB 7–10x 5GB Second FRIDAY FULL 1 TB 50–60x 18 GB TOTAL 2.2 TB 7.6x288 GB H I J K L

  26. Retain: Store More for Longer with Less Over one year of retention in 3U of Data Domain deduplication storage Backup Cumulative Estimated Physical Data Logical Reduction First Full 1 TB 4x 250 GB Week 1 April 7 2.2 TB 8x 288 GB Week 2 April 14 3.4 TB 10x 326 GB Week 3 April 21 4.6 TB 13x364 GB Month 1 April 28 5.8 TB 14x 402 GB Month 2 May 31 10.6 TB 19x554 GB Month 3 June 30 15.4 TB 21x706 GB TOTAL 15.4 TB 21x 706 GB

  27. DD160 Appliance For small enterprise data centers and remote offices • Up to 4.6-times more capacity than DD140 • Up to 195 TB logical capacity • Up to 3.98 TB usable capacity • Up to 2.2-times faster than DD140* • Up to 1.1 TB/hr aggregate write throughput • Support for DD VTL • Same stream counts as DD140 • Up to 16 backup write and 4 backup read streams • Up to 15 source and 20 destination replication streams • Data Domain Replicator included in system price * Using DD Boost

  28. DD160 Appliance Features • Single socket, dual-core Xeon processor • Two capacity configurations • 7x 500 GB HDDs: 1.6 TB usable • 12x 500 GB HDDs: 3.98 TB usable • Field upgrade from 7 HDD to 12 HDD • Two I/O slots for data access connectivity • Up to two dual-port 1 GbE NICs, copper or optical • Up to two quad-port 1 GbE NICs, copper • Up to one dual-port 4 Gb Fibre Channel VTL HBA • Simultaneous usage of NIC and VTL cards • Single 1 GB NVRAM card

  29. Capacity Expansion DD160-3500 GB 5x HDDs Internal Upgrade Max with Upgrade 1.6 TB usable 1.3 TB usable 1.6 + 1.3 = 2.9 TB usable DD160-6 TB 3.9 TB usable

  30. DD Boost Software • Distributes parts of deduplication process to backup server or application clients • Speeds backups by up to 50 percent • Enables more efficient resource utilization • Provides application control of Data Domain replication process • Supports majority of backup software market and native utilities in industry leading databases • EMC Avamar and NetWorker • Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec • EMC Greenplum and Oracle RMAN • Quest vRanger DD Boost

  31. Industry’s Most Scalable Inline Deduplication Systems Data Domain Software Options Large Enterprise • DD Boost • DD Encryption • DD Extended Retention • DD Replicator • DD Retention Lock • DD Virtual Tape Library Midsize Enterprise Small Enter./ROBO • 1 With DD Extended Retention software option

  32. Why Data Domain? Less disk to resource, less to manage • CPU-centric deduplication • Inline deduplication Simple, mature, and flexible • Simple, mature appliance • Any fabric, any software, backup or archive applications Resilience and disaster recovery • Storage of last resort • Fast time-to-disaster recovery (DR) readiness • Cross-site global compression • Data center or remote office