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HDX 9002 Product Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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HDX 9002 Product Briefing

HDX 9002 Product Briefing

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HDX 9002 Product Briefing

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  1. HDX 9002 Product Briefing October 2006

  2. Overview • Introduction to Polycom UltimateHD™ • UltimateHD Benefits and Applications • Product overview • How it fits in the Polycom video family • Key Features and Benefits • HDX Signature Benefits • HDX 9002 leadership options • Getting connected • Competition • Summary

  3. UltimateHD

  4. What are the benefits of UltimateHD? • High definition is only a measure of image resolution UltimateHD is an experience! • Polycom HDX improves each communication experience in every way with UltimateHD • HD Voice allows you to distinctly hear every sound you need to hear and none that you don’t • Eliminating conference fatigue while adding richness and clarity to each voice and audio input • HD Video provides the sharpest, clearest images in vivid, natural color and full motion • Never miss a single expression and savor every detail • HD Content allows you to share your work in any application • From PC screens to HD doc cams and DVD players your value will come through in perfect detail and full motion

  5. Why does UltimateHD matter? • Organizations are facing incremental communications challenges: • Globalization, mergers/acquisitions and outsourcing/offshoring • Travel restrictions/security, cultural/language differences, workforce mobility and telecommuting • UltimateHD enhances every communication allowing customers to: • Make informed decisions…faster • Experience every critical detail…perfectly • Share their complete work…demonstrate their full value • Enhanced communications delivers the competitive edge • Reduce product development cycle and speed time to market • Increase collaborative teamwork and efficient knowledge sharing • Improve relationships across the organization and extended teams • Leverage resources and increase profitability

  6. Make informed decisions…faster • Manufacturing / Design • See even the smallest details in stitching, seams and fabrics • Make confident, educated real-time decisions • Agree to that design change right now!

  7. Experience every critical detail…perfectly • Legal Depositions and Negotiations • Don’t miss a single, subtle expression or facial twitch • Hear even the slightest verbal cue from client / defendant • Know exactly when to press your point or push your issue

  8. Share your work; Demonstrate your value • Consulting, R&D • Drawings, videos and presentations in precise High Definition • Use an HD doc cam and DVD or share PC blueprints/drawings • Differentiate yourself and land the big contract

  9. The UltimateHD Advantage in Vertical Markets

  10. The Promise of Telemedicine Fulfilled • Extraordinary video quality leads to extraordinary patient care • Communicate with field experts quickly and easily for second opinions • See every detail of an x-ray, MRI, or lesion and make patient decisions in real-time using HD doc cameras or high resolution PC images • Educate the next generation of health care providers by sharing cutting-edge surgical techniques over distance • Viewing every detail of live surgery allows remote field experts to participate and students to learn without having to be in the room • Attach multiple HD devices for assistance during a procedure

  11. Enhancing the Quality of Education • Hear every detail when teaching music over distance • Allows specialty schools and universities to reach out to more students and train them in musical disciplines • HD Voice makes the technology transparent so that the teacher can focus on the student and vice-versa • Experience cultures and remote locations in high definition without leaving the classroom • Ancient artifacts or art in museums • Undersea explorations • Space shuttle launches • Classrooms across the world • Exceptional video is a requirement for the hearing-impaired community • See every hand motion and every expression • Read lips over video

  12. Enabling Real-Time Decisions in Government • Communicate with other governments with confidence and make decisions in real-time • HD voice allows each voice to be heard and understood, even in multi-lingual conversations • Clearly see facial expressions, hand movements, body language to help forward negotiations • Save time and resources, while increasing safety • Arraign prisoners remotely and ensure that every nuance is heard, seen and recorded • Share evidence and exhibits in high definition • First responders can communicate clearly and make life and death decisions in times of crisis • HD voice and HD video makes the technology transparent, allowing critical scenes to be viewed and decisions to be made

  13. HDX 9002: Positioning and Features

  14. Polycom HDX 9002 • Polycom’s performance integrator codec combining extreme performance with maximum flexibility • Incorporating HD voice, HD video and HD content sharing for the UltimateHD experience • Multiple HD video inputs and outputs with professional, standards-based connectors • High definition video quality (720p) at data rates starting at 1Mbps, as well as excellent video quality at lower data rates • Superior audio performance using the most advanced audio standards and technology, including Siren™22 and StereoSurround™

  15. HDX Positioning within Polycom Video Systems Conference Environments Desktop Small/Med Group Performance Professional HDX 9002 HDX 9001 HDX 9000 Series VSX 3000 VSX 8000 VSX 7000e VSX 7000s VSX 5000 PVX V500 SOHO/Small Businesses / Organizations Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, Government Integrator Class

  16. Polycom HDX 9002 Key Benefits & Features: • Make real-time decisions, increase productivity • Premium high definition conferencing with maximum flexibility • Save thousands in media transport costs (satellite, etc.) • Up to 4Mbps total bandwidth • Sharp, clean video shows details • 720p, 30fps video quality from 1Mbps • Increased video resolution at lower data rates • 4CIF/4SIF video quality at data rates as low as 256Kbps

  17. Polycom HDX 9002 Key Benefits & Features: • Hear every detail…voices, sounds, music • Highest quality audio with Siren22™, 22kHz, including StereoSurround™ • HD technology is moving fast • Powerful platform built for future expandability and upgrades • Bring the whole team together seamlessly • 4-way internal MCU option with video and audio transcoding • Share CAD drawings, videos, etc. in HD • 4 video inputs – all HD capable, 3 video outputs

  18. HDX Signature Benefits • HD Video provides incredible video quality: HD from 1Mbps, and SD from 256K – 768K • HD Voice brings amazing acoustical clarity for voices and music • Polycom Siren™22 • Polycom StereoSurround™ • HDX Digital Microphone Array with multiple microphones for true 360°coverage • HD Content allows users to share the details of any media, object and document with the far end • People+Content IP for cable-free data sharing • Become part of your presentation with People On Content™

  19. HDX 9002 Leadership Options • Polycom EagleEye – High definition camera proving 60fps at 720p, up to 99 presets and over 270 degree field of view • MPPlus–4-way internal MCU including H.264 support, cascading, audio transcoding, video transcoding • People On Content ™ – Become part of your presentation with this unique chroma key technology • Multiple network interfaces – easily add ISDN/PRI/V.35 • Executive Collection – stylish cart and displays that complement any executive meeting room, classroom, or boardroom

  20. Polycom HDX 9002 Bundles

  21. IR Receiver Bay for Circuit-Switched Modules HDX 9002 Video Inputs (4) Video Outputs (3) POTS Analog Audio I/O (2 IN / 2 Out) RS 232 AC Power ENET USB 1394 Digital Audio (4 Mic Arrays)

  22. HDX 9002 Video Capability 1

  23. HDX 9002 System Audio Capability 1

  24. Polycom: HD Without Compromise * No HD systems available at this time.

  25. Landscape for HD Delivery

  26. Every Application is Better with HDX • Superior visual images with EagleEye HD camera and HDX video processing • Camera outperforms LifeSize camera in every test (zoom, presets, multiple HD inputs, standard connectors); Tandberg camera still unavailable for test • Codec has more pure power than Tandberg or LifeSize • Video capabilities far exceed anything in the market • Superior sound with the clearest, cleanest audio • Only Polycom has StereoSurround – and customers notice the difference! • Siren22 takes audio to the next level – outperforms any competitor in the market in side-by-side evaluation • Only HDX offers full frame rate HD Content! • Invite customers to experience UltimateHD - You will NOT lose!

  27. HDX 9002 Summary • Designed by integrators, for integrators providing unmatched flexibility, power and performance • Delivers the ultimate video conferencing experience with HDX signature benefits and leadership options • UltimateHD: HD voice, HD video, HD content • Takes any video conferencing application to a new level, and opens the door for new applications • Part of the award-winning Polycom video family of products • The best HD system in the market – far exceeds the competition!

  28. Thank you!