global series products and services
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Global Series: Products and Services

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Global Series: Products and Services. Hakeem Pedro Customer Operations and Services April 2006. HP Restricted. Objectives. Global Series Current State Global Coverage Enhancement and Call to action – GPP Evolution of Global Series - Global Product Portfolio and CTO Solicit Feedback on:

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global series products and services

Global Series:Products and Services

Hakeem Pedro

Customer Operations and Services

April 2006

HP Restricted


Global Series

  • Current State
  • Global Coverage

Enhancement and Call to action – GPP

  • Evolution of Global Series - Global Product Portfolio and CTO

Solicit Feedback on:

  • Product portfolio
  • Care Packs
  • Configurable IPG products and Supplies
  • Communication plan

HP Restricted

global series gs current state
The Global Series program

Addresses the Global Customer requirement to have consistent products available on a global basis, with consistent lifecycles worldwide.

Offered in 104 Countries total

Is a PSG-hosted HP program

Products offered

Desktops (29) and portables (9)

Workstations (11) and thin clients (1)

Handhelds (13 )

PSG accessories (117 )

Printers (17)

Servers (20 with 67 options)

Storage with options (337)

Monitors (8)


One to two Care Packs per configuration

Financial services, including leasing and asset recovery, in 51 countries


Hardware — Tracks for each product family

Software — Tracks for each OS

Master ASE Solutions — Eight tracks

Global Series (GS) — Current State



HP Restricted

global coverage
Global Coverage

104 Countries Total

  • Europe and Africa—46 countries
  • Global Series products
  • Services and support
  • Asia—21 countries
  • Global Series products
  • Support
  • Americas—37 countries
  • Global Series products
  • Services and support
  • Coverage Key
  • Global Series products available
  • Selective services
  • No Global Series capability

HP Restricted

recent enhancements and future goals
Recent Enhancements and Future Goals
  • Recent Enhancements
    • Implemented Orderability Validation Tool to proactively ensure GS products orderable in 104 countries
    • New/Follow-on GS Products introduced
    • Significantly enhanced communication to internal sales and support teams
  • Call to action
    • More flexible and globally consistent PLC dates. Better stability of product offering between countries
      • Maintain 100% orderability commitments
      • Continue to drive towards Configure To Order (CTO) solution:
        • Increase Global Series flexibility, portfolio and penetration via Global Product Portfolio

HP Restricted

global product offering challenge
Global Product Offering Challenge

Global product requirements

Global Series

Global Special


Regional Offering

  • Fixed offering:
  • Proactively managed
  • Orderable in 104 countries
  • Consistent lifecycles
  • Cannot support unique configs or factory services.
  • 45% Product utilization
  • Meets ~30-40% of need
  • Extremely Flexible offering:
  • Based on customer requirements
  • 10X number of skus as GS
  • Lifecycles are not actively managed.
  • Extremely poor utilization - 19%
  • Slow WW setup
  • Meets ~50-60% of need
  • Offering based on local country or regional portfolio.
  • Lacks Global focus, governance, and restrictions. Not globally managed
  • 55% product utilization
  • Meets ~10-20% of need

Need to significantly improve communication, lifecycle management, and improve penetration. If not, leads to mis-set expectations and multiple escalations.

HP Restricted

simplified end to end fulfillment
Simplified End-to-End fulfillment

Quote to Order

Order to Delivery



4 days

B2B - ePrime


Easy Config


  • Global Product Portfolio
  • Phase 1 Jun 06: Configurable
  • Quote to Order (Global Products,
  • Factory Services & accessories)
  • Phase 2 Fall 06: Configurable
  • Order to Delivery.
  • Phase 3 Q406 thru H107:
  • Enhance portfolio with more
  • products, logistics services,
  • Care Pack, etc.
      • ------- -------- --------
  • Localized components and services
  • Consistent Lifecycle

1 day

Sales Rep

HP Restricted

flexible and configurable features and services
Flexible and Configurable Features and Services

Globally consistent configurable

product models and features

HP Restricted

configurable features and services selection1
Configurable Features and Services Selection

Configurable Customized Factory and Lifecycle Services

HP Restricted

gpp deployment roadmap






GPP Deployment Roadmap

Phase 1- Configurable Quote to Order











Factory Services



Phase 3 – Portfolio Enhancement

Printers, Intel Servers, Storage, Thin Clients,


Carepacks, Supplies, Logistics Services, etc




Phase 2 – Global Configurable Order to Delivery

Launch Timeline

Launch Date: TBD

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4




HP Restricted

gs metrics invoiced shipments 12mths
GS Metrics – Invoiced Shipments (12mths)

All Global Accounts and CAC group: 31% of all HP products invoiced are GS products.

HP Restricted

gs metrics invoiced shipments 12mths1
GS Metrics – Invoiced Shipments (12mths)
  • Personal System Products:
  • For all Global Accounts:
    • 50% of shipments are Global series products
  • For CAC as a group:
    • GS products accounts for 57% all PSG Commercial products invoiced

HP Restricted

  • Thoughts on strategy and plans to evolve the program?
    • GS AMD DT and Notebooks?
    • Workstation – Highly customized (SKUs solution not favored)?
    • Any interest accessing pilot opportunity?
  • Warranty - Opportunity for valuable advantage:
    • Baseline (DT: 3/3/3 and NB: 3/3/0).
    • Standardize on 1/1/1 with solution to equalize to 3/3/3, if desired? (few countries may remain at 3/3/3 as exceptions) or
    • Must have 3/3/3 in 104 countries?
  • Care Packs
    • Optional global series Care Pack support preference:
      • Scale response to country capabilities? Ex: 4 hrs response in some countries, 8/24/48 hrs in others, or
      • Only cover major/metro locations and countries and evolve to add more coverage locations
      • Cover all 104 countries with consistent solution or nothing, or
      • Comfortable with mix deployment - Using HP and Partners?
  • Global Series Communication - How
    • Thru Sales Reps, Web portal, email, etc

HP Restricted

Thanks for your time

and feedback

HP Restricted

customer benefits
Customer benefits
  • Global Product Portfolio enables Global Customers to
    • Establish product standards on a global basis
    • Simplify ordering across their corporation
    • Invest in software images and customized software development and lifecycle service.
    • Ensure consistent platforms across all company locations
    • Effectively manage product rollouts for all company locations
    • Reduce support and procurement costs

HP Restricted