phonegap cross platform development
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PhoneGap Cross-Platform Development India

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PhoneGap Cross-Platform Development India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Orion Infosolutions is build high quality Phonegap Cross-Platform App Development. Book Your PhonegapApp with us ! Contact Us:- Skype: orion.infosolutions

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phonegap cross platform development

PhoneGap Cross-Platform Development

iOS and Android, two most trendy platforms in both of which developer share an equal interest and launched a separate application to appease the Smartphone device users.

However, if you are thinking to build apps for different Smartphone rather different OSes, do you think the expenses will balance your advantage?

Phonegap Also known by the name of Apache Cordova, PhoneGap is one of the open source cross-platform mobile app development framework that allows developers to code several apps for the smart devices. It assist the developers to assemble the hybrid applications with the use of CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5. It does not look for those odd ends and platform-based APIs such as iOS, Android or Windows.

It prefers to work with expanded features of JavaScript and HTML. Now these apps are mainly hybrid and nor local or web apps. Developers mainly regard them as packaged app" as they come in bundles or in a revamped version to the end user.

Being an android app development company India, we too have found that the answer is none other than PhoneGap. If you want to draw a line to the extra coding works, developers, and expenses take up PhoneGap to dominate the different mobile platforms.

ui layer of phonegap

UI Layer of PhoneGap

User Interface of PhoneGap has a web browser view taking up 100% of the device's height. It is actually a chrome-less web browser as their HTML contents come without any heavy window decoration, as we find in a normal browser.

Developers can take the advantage of this space to build interactive apps, content-based elements and app chrome into CSS & HTML-based user interface.

why do we ask global clients to choose phonegap

Why do we ask global clients to choose PhoneGap?

Developers keep the PhoneGap application one-step ahead of other platforms since they come with advanced features and advantages. In order to create native apps, you have to use native programs such as Objective-C on iOS and Java on Android.

Therefore, you have to maintain tap of four different set of codes, but with PhoneGap, it is just a single coding which developers need to do to make apps on all platforms.

Some benefits that entail mobile application developers to keep PhoneGap ahead of all platforms are –

1. You can use animation between screens. In few instances the list view slides off the left screen and shows, details of the items chose.

2. App launched will be successful in defining the location from where the users are accessing the app further proceeding to extract the details of clients based on that location.

3. It integrates both internal files and web services which proves to be done for clients.

4. You can scroll the list of offers, desire and see them find more details

5. PhoneGapapps allow working on the device with or without the internet

6. When it comes to compatibility, you can witness it in dissimilar OS. Ti is highly compatible with jQuery Mobile, Dojox Mobile, and Sencha Touch.

7. You will find an interface that allows a user to login to an app with their Facebook account.


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