Lipid based nutrient supplements
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Lipid – based Nutrient Supplements. Heidi Sandige, MD. LNS = Lipid-based Nutrient Supplements. A family of products designed to deliver nutrients to vulnerable people. The majority of the energy provided is lipid based.

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Lns lipid based nutrient supplements
LNS = Lipid-based Nutrient Supplements

A family of products designed to deliver nutrients to vulnerable people. The majority of the energy provided is lipid based.

All LNS provide a range of vitamins and minerals, as well as energy, protein, and essential fatty acids.

LNS formulations can be tailored to meet the nutrient needs of specific groups and to fit in particular programmatic contexts.

Why lns
Why LNS?

  • Simplicity (home use)

  • Ease of Use (no cooking)

  • Good storage

  • Safety

  • Effectiveness

Lipid based nutrient supplements

Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food

Universal Formulation:

Peanut Paste

Milk Powder



Vitamin/Mineral Mix

Lipid based nutrient supplements

For Severely Malnourished Children

100% of dietary needs

Distributed according to a medical model

Lipid based nutrient supplements

Evidence Based



Programmatic Guidance exists

Rusf s
RUSF (s)

Ready-to-Use Supplementary Foods

Many Different Formulations

Many Different applications

Lipid based nutrient supplements

Complement to the diet

Designed to Purpose

  • Micronutrient needs

  • Caloric needs

Lipid based nutrient supplements

Active area of research

Evidence is accumulating

Lns to treat moderate acute malnutrition
LNS to treat Moderate Acute Malnutrition

10 Years of Evidence

75 kcal/kg day

Reduced presentation of children with SAM

Becoming standard part of CMAM guidelines

Lns to prevent malnutrition
LNS to Prevent Malnutrition

MSF in Niger 2010 “critical and significant effect on mortality”

Columbia reduced GAM

South Darfur significantly higher anthropometric indexes

UNHCR is developing operational guidance for refugee use

Lns to prevent linear stunting
LNS to prevent Linear Stunting

  • Multiple ongoing studies: Malawi, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Bangladesh

    • Target

    • Amount

  • Key research finding – LNS does NOT decrease breast milk intake

Lns as part of hiv programming
LNS as part of HIV programming

Treatment of Wasting

Improve nutritional status of non-wasted individuals

Medication adherence

Lipid based nutrient supplements

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