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Termite Treatments Dallas PowerPoint Presentation
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Termite Treatments Dallas

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Termite Treatments Dallas
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Termite Treatments Dallas

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  1. General Pest Control and Inspection Services from Metro Guard Metro Guard has ALWAYS dedicated ourselves to delivering more than our customers expected. With our General Pest Services, you not only receive the pest control service but we also we do a proper inspection and provide professional advice. When our service is completed, you get a written 60 day warranty, So when you choose Metro Guard as your professional pest control service you know your pests are gone and you'll have a better understanding of how to keep them gone! Our Pest Inspection procedures are: We inspect the entire outside of your home looking for pests like ants, termites, spiders and signs of rodents.

  2. We treat the entire outside of your foundation to protect against insects that crawl up the outside of your home looking for a way in. Our inside treatment includes treating your plumbing areas because insects require moisture. We treat every accessible room in your home and the garage is included. We also inspect accessible attics to ensure that there are no signs of rodents or insect infestation. We also provide Commercial Pest Control Services which include: Bed bugs Services: Bed bugs are devastating to the reputation of a business, dangerous and leads to many problems that only make it more difficult to manage your operation. Bed bugs mainly attack during the night time leaving small red spots, or "bites" on the body.

  3. Needless to say, this can cause severe distress to many of your patrons. Don’t let handling upset customers and bad publicity from these pests become part of your job. Rodent Services: These types of services are generally related to the more service types of businesses, such as food service, which differs from residential pest control. We at Metro Guard Termite & Pest Control have nearly 2 decades of experience in dealing with mice and rats in the Dallas area. Termite Control – Commercial Services: Termites can often go unnoticed until the damage they create has left you with costly repair bill and severe structural damage to your property. We are here to help and give the proper protection to all the commercial properties throughout the DFW area. Insects will always find the places where there is adequate food, shelter, water, and climate. As insects forage into your home and cross a treated barrier, infestations are eliminated by preventing reproduction and reduced life span. So don’t wait until it becomes a costly proposition, we offer a great service for only $54.95.Eliminating an infestation or trying to treat each individual pest as they enter can be challenging and costly. So call us now to get rid of any type of bugs, arachnids and rodents in your home or business. Make your environment more healthy and safe.

  4. Contact Us: Metro Guard Termite and Pest Control1100 W Pipeline Rd Hurst, TX 76053 Fort Worth: 817-572-3995 Mid Cities: 817-468-2847 Dallas: 972-468-2847 Please Visit Us:http://www.gotbugs.com/