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Choose The Community Interaction

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Choose The Community Interaction. After reading each description and looking at the pictures decide the type of relationship that is being exhibited, and hold up your answer . Name the Community Interaction. Name the Community Interaction. Name the Community Interaction.

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choose the community interaction

Choose The Community Interaction

After reading each description and looking at the pictures decide the type of relationship that is being exhibited, and hold up your answer

name the symbiotic relationship
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Barnacles create home sites by attaching themselves to whales. This neither harms nor benefits the whales.
name the symbiotic relationship1
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • The tapeworm attaches itself to a human’s intestines, extracting nutrients as they pass through the digestive system. The human is not able to absorb the necessary nutrients for survival.
name the symbiotic relationship2
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Honey guide birds alert and direct badgers to bee hives that contain honey. The badger expose the hives and feed on the honey first, then the honey guide bird eats.
name the symbiotic relationship3
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Remora’s attach themselves to a shark’s body. They then travel with the shark and feed on the left-over food scraps from the shark’s meal. There is also the possibility that the remora’s help keep the shark’s skin healthy.
name the symbiotic relationship4
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Ostriches and gazelles feed next to each other. They both watch for predators and alert each other to danger. Since the visual abilities of the two species are different, they can each identify animals the other might not see.
name the symbiotic relationship5
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • The stork uses its saw-like bill to cut up the dead animals it eats. As a result, the dead animal carcass is accessible to some bees for food and egg laying.
name the symbiotic relationship6
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Female cowbirds lay eggs in the nests of various songbirds. Neither the mother cowbird or the cowbird hatchling will force the songbird eggs/hatchlings out of the nest.
name the symbiotic relationship7
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Oxpeckers feed on the ticks found on a rhino.
name the symbiotic relationship8
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Silverfish live and hunt with army ants. They share the prey.
name the symbiotic relationship9
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Hermit crabs live in shells made by and then abandoned by snails.
name the symbiotic relationship10
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • A flea feeds on the blood of the mouse.
name the symbiotic relationship11
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Yucca flowers are pollinated by the yucca moths. The moths lay their eggs in the flowers where the larvae hatch and eat some of the developing seeds.
name the symbiotic relationship12
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Wrasse fish feed on the parasites found on the black sea bass’s body.
name the symbiotic relationship13
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • As bison walk through the grass, insects become active and are seen and eaten by the cowbirds.
name the symbiotic relationship14
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • A cuckoo may lay its eggs in a warbler’s nest. The cuckoo’s young will displace the warbler’s young and will be raised by the warbler.
name the symbiotic relationship15
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • The clownfish defends the sea anemone from being eaten by the butterfly fish. In return, the sea anemone provides a home to the clown fish.
name the symbiotic relationship16
Name the Symbiotic Relationship
  • Mistletoe extracts water and nutrients from the spruce tree.