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Article. Production. START. Article text. Kat Hurst, lead singer of The Crafts has agreed to talk about her drug addiction, her solo career and her pregnancy for the first time. She’s answered the questions that we all wanted to know the answers to.

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  • Production
article text
Article text
  • Kat Hurst, lead singer of The Crafts has agreed to talk about her drug addiction, her solo career and her pregnancy for the first time. She’s answered the questions that we all wanted to know the answers to.
  • So Kat, you’ve agreed to talk to me today and one thing we all want to know is how you got off the drugs?
  • Well a lot of my friends and family had suggested rehab which for some people is a good idea but I wanted to do this without medical help to kind of prove to myself that I could. I didn’t stop taking them completely, I slowly weened myself off them. I’m not going to say that it was easy because it’s not. Infact, getting clean was the hardest thing I have ever done. I would have never been able to do it without my friends and family.
  • Who was your biggest support through this?
  • Everyone was a great support and it would be hard to choose between my Mum and Leon. They were both absolutely brilliant. They listened to me and have always been there, no matter what.
  • How did you feel when those awful pictures of you were published?
  • I was absolutely mortified but they did show me kind of what I was like and was one of the reasons that I realised I had to get off the drugs. I looked at those pictures and I just started crying. I didn’t want my fans seeing me like that and I definately won’t let that happen again.
  • Well, on a lighter note, the pregnancy. When did you find out?
  • I found out two months ago and I told Leon straight away. I was way too exited to keep that news to myself. It was very unexpected but we are both really happy that this has happened. This baby will keep me away from the drugs and the alcohol. My child will come first. I wanted to wait until after the three months before this went public incase there were any problems. I wouldn’t want them shared with the world.
  • Congratulations! Have you got any names in mind?
  • Well I’m hoping for a little girl. If it is a girl, we’ve decided to call her Eevee and for a boy Dante. I will be just as happy if I do have a boy. Leon said he doesn’t mind, he’s just exited to be having a child but I know he wants a girl. His face lights up when I talk about baby girls.
  • So, we hear that you’re planning a solo career away from The Crafts?
  • Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved being part of the band. We always had a laugh. They are such an amazing band with the most awesome people but obviously me and Leon are more serious now and feel that the baby would effect the band, and the band would effect the baby. The Crafts are a top selling, world class band and my priorities now lie with my child. I simply don’t have time for both. I know that without the boys backing me, I won’t have as much work as I did.
  • How did Leon react to the news of you leaving?
  • He completely backed my decision. I guess he gets it. It’s his baby too and he cares about this child as much as I do. They’ve already found another lead singer but I can’t say who that is. She’ll be taking my place on the next tour in June.
  • I’m sure that there are lots of people backing you. It seems that we have fun out of time but the best of luck to you.
  • Thankyou.
article text1
Article text
  • Are you starting this solo career now or are you going to wait until the babies born?
  • I don’t want to rush into things. My body’s already under stress and I really don’t want to risk damaging myself or my baby. I do want to thank the fans who are sticking by me after I have left the band.
  • I’m sure that there are lots of people backing you. It seems that we have fun out of time but the best of luck to you.
  • Thankyou.
  • Kian Makepeace, the lead guitarist, Leons brother and Kat’s friend says: ‘I am really happy for both Leon and Kat. Obviously, I am dissapointed that Kat is leaving as she is a talented singer and a great friend. The Crafts won’t be the same without her. I wish her the best in her solo career and with the baby. Being the Uncle and Godfather of their child I will be very involved and will see Kat as often as I can even though it will be hard with The Crafts travelling all over Europe and America and Kat having to stay in England. I am so proud of her.
picture and text
Picture and text.
  • The first thing that I did was adding my main image to the centre of an A3 sheet. I then put the text around the image. I laid my article out like this so that people see the picture first and realise what the article is about and then they want to read it. The image, like the front cover is mainly red. The model is wearing the same clothes as on the front cover so that everything looks like it belongs to the same magazine.
red text
Red text
  • After writing the article, I changed the text that was questions red so that the reader can quickly identify that this is an interview. Also the read can easily determine which part of the text is a question so they can skip to the bits that they want to read.
  • I put the title right at the top of the page in the centre so that it is easily readable. It is written in black writing so that it contrasts with the white background. The font looks quite gothic which suits the look that Kat has.
kians views
Kians views
  • I added a comment from Kian, the other band member that hasn’t so far been mentioned. I thought that his input in the story was important and entertaining. Everyone has a favourite band member and for people who favourite is Kian, they’ll want to know what he has to say on the subject. This text is the same colours and font as the rest of the story so people can see that these texts are linked.
secondary image
Secondary image
  • I put a picture of Kat clubbing at the bottom corner of the page because some of the story is about Kats drug use and an image of her clubbing fits in perfectly with this.