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Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

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Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services

in Delhi/NCR

“A Clean Kitchen is a sign of healthy life”



  • We at Organdry are committed to bringing the very best in organic cleaning technologies to India.
  • We have sourced the very best products & services around the world that have proven to be the most effective in cleaning your home and car with safe and ethical products to saves you time, energy and money
  • The OrganoDry service team endeavors to make you feel delighted with the results as we provide a pristine treatment to your home and car that shall so impress you that you shall want to be a regular customer!


Characteristics of Good Kitchen

- It is desirable that the kitchen be a cheerful, sanitary, well, ventilated and a properly lighted place to work in.- The surfaces should be durable, non-absorbant , stain resistant and easy to clean. - Cross ventilation is essential and an exhaust fan is helpful in removing odours and smoke.- A window over a sink helps the worker in getting a good view and also lights up the area.- A general central light and a light over each working area is important. - The ceiling of the kitchen should be painted in a light color.



cleaning Areas in a Kitchen:(a) Storage centre: Refrigerator and pantry where food stuffs are kept.(b) Preparation and mixing centre: Food is chopped and dish washing is done.(c) Cooking stove centre: Here food is cooked. This includes serving centre as well.

“The work triangle among these three centers should not less than and more than 22 feet”


Disinfectants for the Kitchen

Bleach - Bleach is an excellent disinfectant, and one that can be used in different areas of your kitchen – like the floor, countertops, or the kitchen sink. 

Disinfectant Sprays - Liquid sprays are very convenient when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. These sprays are often multipurpose, and can be used on a variety of surfaces, from cupboard handles to cooker tops

Surface Wipes - These wipes often contain the same sort of ingredients as the disinfectant sprays, but due to their handy and disposable nature, wipes are commonly used for small spills and work-surface maintenance rather than for full clean-ups.

Floor Cleaners - Don’t forget to clean the floor! Liquid disinfectants or bleach can be diluted with warm water to create floor cleaners capable of cutting through food residues, greasy stains, and all the dust and dirt accumulated from foot traffic.



Essential Kitchen Cleaning Materials

1) Rubber Gloves - If using a disinfectant – especially bleach – you will need to protect your skin from the chemicals. Choose either reusable or disposable gloves and wear them at all times during the kitchen cleaning process.

2) Broom - Before disinfecting a floor, it’s always best to use a broom, or a dustpan and brush, to sweep up any loose dust and dirt.

3) Mop & Bucket - Use these to disinfect kitchen floors. Look for a mop that has a removable head for easy cleaning.

4) Micro fiber Cloths - If you’re not using surface wipes, a good quality, washable cloth is essential for cleaning worktops and cooker tops. Never be tempted to use paper towels or other cloths that can disintegrate – you’ll just give yourself more work!

5) Spray Bottle - If you’ve decided to try making your own natural disinfectant from vinegar, it’s handy to have an empty spray bottle to put it in. This means you can make up a large batch in one go, and keep it in your kitchen cleaning cupboard until next time.



  • Based on nature’s power of organics.
  • New to India & exclusive to Organo Dry.
  • Cleans with low moisture so dries quickly.
  • Low cost and extends life of treated items.
  • Latest advancement in machine technology.
  • Long lasting effects, keeps cleaner for longer.
  • Protects against moulds, bacteria & harmful germs.
  • Saves electricity, saves money, saves time, saves energy!