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Nutraceuticals- A Breakthrough in Medicine PowerPoint Presentation
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Nutraceuticals- A Breakthrough in Medicine

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Nutraceuticals- A Breakthrough in Medicine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nutraceuticals- A Breakthrough in Medicine

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  1. Nutraceuticals- A Breakthrough in Medicine “The doctor of future will give no medication, but will instruct his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of the disease.” ~ Thomas Alva Edison According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate shows that over 60% of all deaths in the world are caused by Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) such as cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer etc. The cause for increase in risk of NCD is faulty Lifestyles. Despite following a healthy and active lifestyle, you may suffer from heart attacks. However, the unfortunate truth is that the diagnosis may be delayed despite fairly typical symptoms, simply because the individual firmly believes that “this cannot happen to me as I lead a healthy lifestyle”. Often, such a thought is not over confidence but ignorance. With each day we notice people fighting their own battles against various diseases and viruses. People are dying battling a disease. With the current onslaught of Dengue, Tuberculosis and Ebola one should take all necessary measures. After all ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. Investing time in your physical body is the most precious gift that you can ever give yourself. Early detection of Cancer can mean the difference between life and death. Knowing that you are healthy is also a great way to boost energy and positive morale to get you going ahead and achieve a perfect life. Hence it’s important that you catch critical illnesses early on.

  2. “The first goal of medicine is to see to it that no one has to reach a hospital or a clinic. This is what we mean by prevention.” We often wish to foresee the future. Only if you would have seen the flu coming, you wouldn’t have been so reckless with your health. You wouldn’t have treated a recurring cough like a normal cough; you would have known it could be a symptom of TB. Thanks to the field of Nutraceutical Medicine and Technology, you can now identify the symptoms of various diseases in advance and prevent them much before they actually start affecting your health or immunity. It is important to understand that many small and critical diseases and disorders can be prevented or controlled if they’re caught early. The term Nutraceutical is derived from the words ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceutical’. Nutraceutical is a food or a part of the food which exerts a curative or preventive effect on disease. These include various nutrients, dietary supplements, specially designed diets or herbal products. Nutraceuticals of both plant and animal origin hold great opportunities for food industries to bring out novel food catering to future needs. Nutraceuticals may be divided into herbal and natural products, dietary supplements and functional foods. Out of these, most rapidly growing segment is herbal/ natural products

  3. followed by dietary supplements. The generation of scientific research linked foods of plant origin and health has resulted in understanding that plant bio-active compounds have antioxidant and other health promoting properties. High dietary intake of fibres in the form of fruits, vegetables, whole grains is strongly linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Cancer development is a chronic, stepwise complex process culminating into metastasis if not tackled in time. Epidemiological studies now provide convincing evidence that dietary factors may modify carcinogenesis. Why choose Pure Nutrition? Pure Nutrition is your one stop virtual shop to stock up on your share of required Nutraceuticals. Over the years Pure Nutrition’s Nutraceutical Capsules have attracted considerable interest due to their potential nutritional, safety and therapeutic effects. Stay healthy and prevent diseases with Pure Nutrition. Take charge of your health! Our lifestyle, work related stress, careless eating habits and no exercise are taking a toll on our bodies, our immune systems are weak. A trip to the hospital digs our pockets deep. Save yourself and your family from ill-health. Work on your weaknesses and build a healthy body. After all, healthy Individuals make beautiful homes. Beautiful homes make prosperous family and in turn prosperous family create a successful society. Reference: -