Hardinge universal turret 05412 senior design project
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Hardinge Universal Turret 05412- Senior Design Project. Project Sponsor: Hardinge Inc. Team Members. Matt Buonanno - ME. Owen Brown - ME. Brian Heeran - ISE. Steven Paul - ME. Brice Wert - ME. Eric Newcomb - ME. Robert Yarbrough - ME. Scope Introduction. Turret Indexing Cutting

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Hardinge universal turret 05412 senior design project

Hardinge Universal Turret05412- Senior Design Project

Project Sponsor: Hardinge Inc.

Team members
Team Members

Matt Buonanno - ME

Owen Brown - ME

Brian Heeran - ISE

Steven Paul - ME

Brice Wert - ME

Eric Newcomb - ME

Robert Yarbrough - ME

Scope introduction
Scope Introduction

  • Turret

  • Indexing

  • Cutting

  • Movement

Project scope
Project Scope

  • Design a simple turret index model

  • Benchmarking

  • Torque Motor Integration

    • Design

    • Analysis

    • Prototyping


  • Needs Assessment & Benchmarking

  • Concept Development

  • Design Objectives

  • Feasibility Assessments

  • Preliminary Design

  • Hardinge Review

Long term objectives
Long Term Objectives

  • Complete project on time meeting technological/performance requirements.

  • Expanding relations between Hardinge Inc. and RIT

  • Gather data to establish the feasibility of future torque motor applications.

  • Demonstrate competitive advantage through the use of Torque Motor.


  • Goals

    • Determine current state of industry

    • Evaluate feasibility of new design

  • Turret Selection

    • Chosen to represent cross-section of manufacturer’s offerings

    • Chosen to maintain data compatibility

Benchmarking cont3
Benchmarking Cont.

  • Benchmarking Conclusions

    • New turret design should be designed around a 12 station turret

    • Need to strive to attain an indexing time of less than 0.15 seconds

Traditional motors vs torque motors
Traditional Motors vs. Torque Motors

Traditional drive with motor and gear box

Gear box


Customer machine

  • Large outside diameter allows for more poles, and windings thus allowing for higher torques.

  • Large diameter means higher torque can be generated with the same power input.

Direct drive with torque motor

Customer machine


Torque motor technology
Torque Motor Technology

  • Reduced Cost

  • Improved Reliability

  • High Accuracy & Repeatability

  • High Efficiency

Torque motor benefits


Short compact design

Gear unit / belt drives eliminated

Hollow shaft design

Few mechanical components

No torsional backlash

Increased rigidity

Torque Motor Benefits

  • Customer Benefit:

    • Simple integration into the machine

    • Easy to service (no gear box oil)

    • Improved efficiency

    • Flexible mounting concepts

    • Advantage in mounting and logistics

    • Improved repeatability

    • Improved control characteristics

    • Low noise system

    • Increased dynamic performance

Torque motor availability options
Torque Motor Availability Options

  • 4 different rotor models available off the shelf from ETEL, Inc.

  • Selected model based upon:

    • Project Torque Requirements.

    • Length

    • Heat Generation

    • Cost

Design objectives

Technological Attributes

Designs must include the use of a torque motor.

Design shall have as few parts as possible.

Design must include current top plate locking mechanism used by Hardinge in their Quest series turret.

Design Objectives

Performance Attributes

  • Designs must equal or exceed current industry leader performance attributes such as index time, repeatability, and static stiffness.

  • Designs must result in increased reliability.

  • Designs shall incorporate adequate cooling of the torque motor.

Concept development
Concept Development

  • Project Scope Redefinition

    • Locking Mechanism

    • Cooling

    • Common Tooling

    • Live Tooling

  • 6 Conceptual Designs Developed

Design concerns
Design Concerns

  • Heat generation and removal

  • Thermal Deflection

  • Sealing the motor

  • Bearings

  • Static Stiffness

  • Controller Interface

  • Component ordering lead time

Preliminary design
Preliminary Design

Top Plate




Top Plate Interface



Torque Motor


System dynamics
System Dynamics

  • The response of the motor to a command to index the turret between station one and two.

  • Shown with no tooling on top plate.

Finite element stress analysis
Finite Element Stress Analysis

  • Output from finite element software based on indexing load of 700 N-m torque.

  • Max Von Mises Stress found to be 22.7 MPa.

  • Yield strength of steel 285 MPa.

  • Factor of safety of 10.4.

Finite element stress analysis1
Finite Element Stress Analysis

  • Output from finite element software based on indexing load of 700 N-m torque.

  • Max Von Mises Stress found to be 19 MPa.

  • Yield strength of steel 285 MPa.

  • Factor of safety of 15.8.

Future plan
Future Plan

  • Detailed Design

  • Pilot Builds

  • Iterative Problem Solving

  • Testing & Analysis

  • Hardinge Review


  • “Torque Motors Do the Trick” Holzknecht, Arthur, ETEL Inc. Schaumburg, Ill., 2004.

  • “Siemens Torque Motors” Siemens AG 2004, www.ad.siemens.de.

  • “298798 Rexroth IndraDyn T Synchron-Torquemotor” Bosch Rexroth AG, 2004 . www.boschrexroth.com.