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The shuttle lifts off from Cape Canaveral January 16. PowerPoint Presentation
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The shuttle lifts off from Cape Canaveral January 16.

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The shuttle lifts off from Cape Canaveral January 16. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'The shuttle lifts off from Cape Canaveral January 16.' - oren

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The crew of the space shuttle Columbia wave before boarding January 16. They are leaving the Operations and Checkout Building at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Commander Rick Husband is at center. Behind him in the front row from left are Kalpana Chawla and William McCool; second row from left are Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon and Laurel Clark; and third row from left are Michael Anderson and David Brown.


Crowds along State Road 50 in Titusville, Florida, watch the space shuttle as it lifts off from its launch pad.


Mission Specialist Laurel Clark, from left, Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon, Commander Rick Husband and Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla communicate with the crew aboard the international space station. Ramon became the first Israeli to fly into space on this flight.


United Space Alliance employees console each other inside the vehicle assembly building at the Kennedy Space Center after hearing about the breakup of Columbia.NASA reported that communications were lost with Columbia at approximately 8 a.m. (9 a.m. ET) over east Texas.


Debris believed to be a piece of space shuttle Columbia lies behind police barrier tape in downtown Nacogdoches, Texas.



Wife and child of Ilan Ramon, 48, a colonel in the Israeli Air Force


Kennedy Space Center rescue personnel remove their gear at the space shuttle landing facility after hearing the news. Columbia was in its 28th mission and was designed for 100 flights.


Passersby read a news ticker Saturday in New York's Times Square announcing the shuttle disaster.


NASA security officers lower the American flag to half-staff around 11 a.m. ET at Kennedy Space Center after the shuttle's breakup.


The NASA astronaut van, used to carry the crew from the landing strip to crew headquarters, returns empty.