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Module 1, Lecture 3. PAF 101. “ By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ” Ben Franklin. Class Agenda. Announcements Introduce TA ’ s Community Service Module 1 Advice Skills WIN! Where policy can be found Assignment for next class. Listen for Helpful Hints

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Paf 101

Module 1, Lecture 3


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Ben Franklin

Class agenda
Class Agenda

  • Announcements

  • Introduce TA’s

  • Community Service

  • Module 1 Advice

  • Skills WIN!

  • Where policy can be found

  • Assignment for next class

Meet your ta s

Listen for Helpful Hints

You can visit any TA’s office hours, but you can only email your TA regarding your module paper.

You cannot email your TA less than 24 hours before a module is due.

Meet your TA’s

E mail

  • E-mail your TA by 8 pm on 9/3 (Wednesday) or lose 5 points!!!!

Community service policies and requirements paf 101

Community ServicePolicies and Requirements PAF 101

Fall 2014 Community Service Director: Erica Richmond

The 5 hour requirement
The 5 Hour Requirement

  • Must be off-campus, but within Onondaga County

  • Can be at more than one location

  • Can be paid or unpaid (i.e. Literacy Corp.)

  • It is OK if the student is earning credit from another class for the community service (i.e. PAF 110 and WRT 209)

  • Must be for a nonprofit or government agency


    • Sorority/Fraternity Greek event do NOT count

    • Volunteering at 315 thrift store does NOT count

      *Erica Richmond is the only person allowed to approve sites

5 hour requirement grading policies
5 Hour Requirement Grading Policies

NOTE: Students do not GAIN 35 points from fulfilling the 5 hour requirement, they can only LOSE up to 35 points on Module 5.

  • 5 Hour Community Service Form

    • 2-part form

    • MUST be handed in on Monday, December 1st in class by 12:45

    • Students who do not complete requirement or fail to turn in form at all will automatically lose 35 points on Module 5

    • Late forms

      • 15 points deducted if handed in after the class it is due

      • 5 points deducted for each additional day

Collection of forms dates
Collection of Forms & Dates

  • Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

    • Students must email TA’s their prospective community service planning form before class begins

    • Failure to do so will result in a 5 point deduction on Module 2

  • Monday, December 1st 2014

    *** 5 Hour Community Service Form Due***


Paf 101
Michelle A. WalkerDirector, Community ProgramsPublic Affairs Program 102 Maxwell

Wilson Park Community Center

Semester-long opportunities to volunteer

PAF 110

Meets 5 times throughout the semester

Begins 09/23 in Maxwell Auditorium (5:00-6:20PM)

Students complete 35 hours of public service, 2 short papers and journals

Opportunity to continue on in programs in the community

High School for Leadership Spring Internship in NYC

Open to Juniors and Seniors

Student must have taken PAF 101 and received at least a “B” or better

Live in Brooklyn Heights

Earn 15 PAF credits (9 of which can count toward the major)

‘Cuse Spot

Student- run programs for Syracuse City elementary and middle school youth


  • Email Erica Richmond at:

Class rules
Class Rules


  • During Lectures, use of laptops for PAF 101 purposes ONLY – MUST SIT IN FRONT ROW OF GROUP

  • If you are late (after 12:45) you lose 5 points from your module STARTING WEDNESDAY

Intro to module 1 paper
Intro to Module 1 Paper

  • Due 9/12 at 12:45. 5 point deduction if five minutes late up to 4:30. 10 points for every day after that.

  • GET OUT YOUR COPY of the Module

Exercise 1 1 1 5 overview
Exercise 1.1-1.5 Overview

  • Do one a night

  • Read carefully in Maxwell Manual

  • Articles, editorials or blogs must be affiliated with a real newspaper –print or electronic published within the last six months


  • Policies in 1.2 and 1.3 can be existing or proposed

Cover sheet and scoring
Cover Sheet and Scoring

  • Each Module has a similar cover sheet

  • Module 1 = 135 points

    • 85 points for exercises 1-5

    • 50 for Team Policy Exercise (TPE) explained in next class

    • Lose points off the top for

      • Late Paper (5 first day, 10 everyday after)

      • Writing (up to 10 points)

      • Organization (up to 5 points)

      • Participation (5 points per absence, lateness, immaturity)

Skills win exercise
Skills Win! Exercise

  • Skill Set 1: Taking Responsibility

  • Skill Set 2: Developing Physical Skills

  • A requires you to go to the Skills Win! Assessment. Answer honestly!

  • B & C require looking through the Skills Win! Playbook

  • Print out the receipts and attach them to back of the Skills Win! exercise

Skills win be a winner
Skills Win! Be A Winner

  • [Skill Set 1: Taking Responsibility]

  • [Skill Set 2: Developing Physical Skills]

  • **Videos are available on the app

Module one exercises 1 1 1 5
Module One Exercises 1.1-1.5

  • 1.1-1.4 require research, thinking and writing

  • Answer the question with as little ink as possible

  • Pay attention to detail

  • Do the reference page while you do the module!

  • 1.5 is APA references. It’s a killer.

Module formating tips

  • To avoid failing this course, Go to APA Guide

  • Newspaper articles must be printed from the website and not from a word document

Article attachment guidelines
Article Attachment Guidelines

  • Must be printed directly from webpage

  • NO LOOSE ARTICLES – must be stapled, taped, or glued to a piece of paper directly after the exercise

  • Hand write exercise number (and letter, if applicable) on article printout

  • Articles must be dated within past six months

  • Don’t include formatting guidelines

Apa citation workshop

APA Citation Workshop

Brief Overview of Module Papers

Quick review
Quick Review…

  • APA is like MLA in that there’s both internal references and a final references list at the end of the document.

  • APA is also called the “name-date” format of citation. Inclusion of the date in internal citations is one of the main ways that APA differs from MLA.

Two part system

  • Internal References –a.k.a parenthetical

  • References

Internal reference system
Internal Reference System

  • Use an internal reference both when quoting directly or paraphrasing.

  • Understand how to include multiple authors in an internal citation.

  • Understand how to format a references page and cite the following on it:

    • Book

    • Newspaper Article

    • Website

How to internally reference
How to internally reference…

  • Here are the correct citations:

    • “Eight murders are deterred by every legal execution”(Maier, 1999, p. 32).

      Below are correct examples, however DO NOT use these in your module

    • According to Maier (1999), it costs $25,000 to jail a prisoner for one year.

    • In 1999, Maier found that the number of rapes reported by women on surveys varies greatly depending on who administers the survey.

      Remember that if you are using direct quotes you must include the page number of the text as well.

Reference page s
Reference Page(s)

  • Appears at the end

  • Every internal cite must have a reference

  • Look at the APA guide under Modules on the PAF 101 website and follow the exact format of the References page.

  • APA Guide Use PAF 101 Website (Penn State)

How a website citation should look
How a website citation should look…

McMellen, M. (2005). Closing the achievement gap.

Retrieved September 2, 2005, from



Don t plagiarize
Don’t Plagiarize!

  • Any direct quote must be in quotation marks with an internal citation

  • Failure to do so results in a zero for your paper

For next class
For Next Class

  • Start Module One paper and read chapter one in the Maxwell Manual

  • Send an e-mail to your TA by 8 PM Wednesday 9/3 or lose 5 points

  • Review the TPE Exercise Instructions in Module 1 downloads and bring printed copy to class.