american modern abstract expressionist n.
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Jackson Pollock

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American Modern Abstract Expressionist. Jackson Pollock. Presented by:. Ben Wanichkunwiriya Charlayne Atchriyapongkul. LAVENDER MIST: Number 1, 1950. Oil, Enamel, and Aluminum Paint on Canvas 7’ – 3” H x 9’ – 10” W. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Goal Research Brainstorm Concept & Implementation

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american modern abstract expressionist
American Modern Abstract Expressionist

Jackson Pollock

Presented by:

Ben WanichkunwiriyaCharlayneAtchriyapongkul

lavender mist number 1 1950
LAVENDER MIST: Number 1, 1950

Oil, Enamel, and Aluminum Paint on Canvas

7’ – 3” H x 9’ – 10” W

table of contents
  • Goal
  • Research
  • Brainstorm
  • Concept & Implementation
  • Design
  • Poster Advertisement
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
  • Design a pathway and the space where Jackson Pollock’s Lavender Mist will reside
  • Materials for the model: neutrals, black, white & gray
  • Design a poster and provide a PowerPoint presentation
research ideas from the artist
RESEARCH: Ideas from the Artist
  • Pollock envisioned that those viewing his paintings felt surrounded
  • When painting Lavender Mist, he was “in the moment” and painted what he felt
  • Pollock preferred to paint in the environment where his paintings would to be displayed
  • Pollock only painted during the day (natural light)
  • Putting the painting on the ceiling was attempted, but unsuccessful
  • With Lavender Mist, Pollock created his unique style and surpassed what other modern artists had achieved
  • Pollock felt he was the best American artist of his time

Bubble Diagram

Preliminary Sketched Floor Plan

design pathway
DESIGN: Pathway


Pathway photo demonstrating the lowered ceiling, narrowing hallway, and dim lighting


design pathway in motion video
DESIGN: Pathway in Motion Video

With the use light and shadow replicating Pollock’s painting on the walls and floor in the pathway, it prepares people before entering the exhibit room

design architecture
DESIGN: Architecture

Create a circular space with the architecture and use light as a visual to emphasize the curvature

design natural lighting
DESIGN: Natural Lighting

Natural lighting from skylights give a full spectrum of light around the painting

appendix references
APPENDIX: References
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