dryside drift september 2011 editor tera redwine 974 road 3 ne moses lake wa 98837 509 669 0054 n.
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September 5 th meeting minutes Treasurers report- not presented, treasurer not in attendance

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dryside drift september 2011 editor tera redwine 974 road 3 ne moses lake wa 98837 509 669 0054

September 5th meeting minutes

Treasurers report- not presented, treasurer not in attendance

Old news - We have yet to hear back from the WDFW in regard to our commitment to assist with signage on area lakes ( Beda, Lenice, Dry Falls and two signs at Dusty Lake) to include “no internal combustion motors allowed” a follow-up email will be sent to Jeff and Chad to see if we can get moving on the project.

Fishing Reports- The Redwine’s and Randall’s ventured to Long Lake last weekend and caught numerous cutthroat trout averaging 12-15 inches using sinking lines and numerous different flies. Virgil reported they caught fish on every fly they used, from Olive Wooly Buggers, to Damsel Flies. Tera reported she had never caught so many fish on her fly rod as she did that weekend.

Membership Drive- We have public service announcements on KWIQ Radio, ads in Nickel Saver and Columbia Basin Herald and fliers at the Ephrata and Moses Lake Fly Shops. In addition we have a flier posted at Big R and Tri-State. Eileen mentioned that we should update fliers and provide a phone number perforation at the bottom. Everyone thought it was a good idea and the fliers will be updated within the next week. Also, Tera built a Facebook page for the club and has had over 5 hits within the last two weeks.

Outing-Richard talked about our next outing at CoffeePoton Sept 24-25, it was agreed that we will tie flies at the next meeting for the CoffeePotouting so bring your tying gear on September 20th. Mike Williams has been to CoffeePotnumerous times, so we expect him to teach us how to tie those “killer” flies at that meeting!! The Club will provide Hamburgers and Brats on Friday night, and Steak on Saturday, Let Teraknow at or before the next meeting if you are attending so she can get a head count and assign you a “item” you can bring to share at the evening dinners. You are on your own for breakfast and lunches.

Speakers- We assigned a few club members to check with prospective speakers for our meetings. Evan is going to contact Pat from the Moses Lake fly Shop. Jim is going to contact Jesse and John from Westslope Fly Shop in Spokane. Eileen is going to contact Big Bend College to see who taught the spring course on fly fishing.

Other-There was some interest in having another Casting Clinic for the general public, possibly in October or early spring, we decided to discuss this more at the next meeting. The club would like to have an annual fundraiser banquet possibly in December or February, Tera is going to research possible locations and bring the information to the next meeting. ….

We discussed a possible outing on the Yakima river in Early October, led by our Clubmember River Guide Evan Salmon. This would be a day trip, where we would all meet at Big Pines camp ground and drift the Yakima.

Upcoming September 20th-At our next meeting we are going to try a fly swap!! Everyone attending the September 20th meeting is to bring SIX QUALITY flies that they would like to swap with other club members.



Dryside Drift September 2011Editor: TeraRedwine974 Road 3 NE Moses Lake, WA 98837509-669-0054



Jim Randall and his wife Gloria at Long Lake

Virgil and Jim at Long Lake

Fly of the Month




Thread: 6/0 Black Uni-thread

Hook: 3x-Long Nymph

Tail: Red Deer hair

Body: Yellow medium Chenille

Hackle: Gold


  • 1. Dress the hook with the thread until even with the centre of the hook barb.
  • 2. Tie in several strands of the deer hair, keeping the hair on top.
  • 3. Strip a small amount of feather from the base of the hackle and tie in with the tail.
  • 4. Tie in the Chenille by back wrapping over the tail and then moving forward. Stop wrapping far enough from the eye to allow for a built up head.
  • 5. Wrap the hackle forward and tie down with a couple wraps and a whip finish knot and trim off the remaining hackle.
  • 6. Build up the head, whip finish and seal with head cement. `

2011 Officers

Richard Schmidt Woody Jacobson Jim Randall TeraRedwine Mike Williams

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Librarian

793-8019 360-981-5774 632-5419 669-0054 chem1960@q.com`