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Trademark of OrderCup in eCommerce Shipping Programs PowerPoint Presentation
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Trademark of OrderCup in eCommerce Shipping Programs

Trademark of OrderCup in eCommerce Shipping Programs

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Trademark of OrderCup in eCommerce Shipping Programs

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  1. Do you need to do some shopping? Just go online and look for the best products in the webshops. A survey claims that eight out of ten purchasers use the internet to order what they want. This is the latest trend in personal shopping which is more fun, rewarding and interactive. More companies are taking their businesses online, and they find it more productive and profitable. An online business needs a reliable shipping partner, because the shipper holds the connection between the seller and the buyer. When the shipping policy is excellent, both the buyer and the seller will reap the benefits of the transaction. When the product reaches the hands of the buyer, the whole experience becomes complete.

  2. OrderCup is your eCommerce shipping partner with the best integration software. We are an innovative company that offers new features like direct web-based printing, scale support with zero configurations on PCs and Macs. We have a built-in insurance and discounted shipping fees. We let you ship more products at a discount. We have free pick-ups and free packing supplies. To top it all, you can avail of our accurate global address verification for free. Our company is a cloud-hosted fully web-based system that allows you to conduct business anywhere and anytime, thanks to the internet. Our customer messaging system sends automatic emails about the status of their orders and shipment updates. The incoming queries to your web store will decrease.

  3. Our integration with several global carriers makes us serve you better. One of them is the Magento Courier Integration which offers an extension with their full team support. This ecommerce company is a flexible platform of enterprise-class. They are integrated with multiple channels from where you can fetch your various orders. Magento Courier Integration has been rated five out of five stars on Magento-Connect.

  4. We also have the Shopify shipping plugin that enables fast and easy integration with us. This is one of the best multi-channel ecommerce platforms, enabling merchants to conduct their online businesses worldwide. You can install OrderCup from the ShopifyApp store. Then sign up for an order and shipping management account. With our push integration, new orders are in after they are paid for. Product labels and packing slips are automatically printed when you create a shipment. You can import all the products from different channels and ship them on the best international carriers.