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Washington, D.C. Tour PowerPoint Presentation
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Washington, D.C. Tour

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Washington, D.C. Tour - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Washington, D.C. Tour

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  1. Washington, D.C. Tour By Mrs. Garner’s 5th Grade Class Goolsby Elementary 2004-2005

  2. The Capitol By Brittany Malek, and Kelsey Hazel

  3. THECAPITOL • There are 540 rooms and 685 windows in the Capitol, 108 of the windows are in the dome.

  4. About the Capitol building. • During the Revolutionary War in 1814 the Capital and the White House were burnt down by the British. • It stands 9’10” tall weighs about 15,000 pounds. • By 1818 the reconstruction was complete.

  5. The Capitol

  6. The Capitol is located in Washington, D.C. • President Washington put in the end brick of the Capitol building.

  7. The Capitol is located in Washington, D.C. But what you have to look for when you look at it is one side faces the Washington Mall the other onto a large plaza.

  8. By Caden and Mitchell National Archives

  9. National Archives The National Archives and Records Administration Building holds important documents such as the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and the U.S Constitution.

  10. More Facts The location is in Washington, D.C. and is visited by many people every year.

  11. The End The End

  12. Elizabeth & Alyson The White House The White House By: Elizabeth & Aly

  13. OVAL OFFICE • The oval office is a oval that is why it is called the oval office. • It is green like the green room • The oval office has been the main office since president Taft witch was in the year of 1909. • Over the years the oval office changed.

  14. The green room is mostly green The walls and the carpet. Some of the things are green to the drapes are green to. The Green Room


  16. THE BLUE ROOM • The White House has a blue room. • Almost everything in the blue room is blue • The walls are blue the chairs are blue to. • The carpet is blue to.

  17. THE RED ROOM • The red room is red • The walls are red and lots of things are red • The red room is next to the oval office

  18. THE WHITE HOUSE FACTS • The White House burned down in 1812 while president James Madison was the president. • The White House burned down in the war of 1812.


  20. Mount Vernon

  21. Mount Vernon’s Kitchen Garden The Kitchen Garden was the “Super Market” of the 18th century. The kitchen garden was first laid out in 1760 as a practical garden where there vegetables, herbs and berries.

  22. George Washington George Washington died December 14, 1799 He was buried in Mount Vernon. For months the nation mourned him.

  23. THE END

  24. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial BY Phillip and Nicolas

  25. Memorial facts • The Thomas Jefferson Memorial has the pantheon of Rome design. • The Thomas Jefferson memorial was open to public on April 3,1943 for Thomas Jefferson’s 200th birthday anniversary. • The Thomas Jefferson memorial is built along the tidal basin and is surrounded by cherry blossom trees from Japan.

  26. Thomas Jefferson Memorial Pictures

  27. More Pictures

  28. More Facts • Engraved in the walls surrounding the statue of Jefferson are some of his most famous writings. • Park rangers give 15 minute talks several times an hour. • It is open from 8:00 am to 11:45 p.m.

  29. Still More Facts and Some Music • Thomas Jefferson was the founder of the university of Virginia. • He was also the author of the declaration of independence

  30. America

  31. Washington Monument

  32. By: Carleen, Matthew, and Christina

  33. The Washington Monument was built between 1848 and 1884 as a memorial they built the Washington Monument because of George Washington in honor of him. Monument

  34. Pictures

  35. Information • The total cost of the monument was 1,187,710. • The height was 555 feet and 5 ½ inches. • Weight of the monument is 90,854 tons! • The monument was built between 1848 and 1884. • Part way through building it they ran out of money. But in 1880 they started work again and they used a different color marble and you can see a ring around the shaft. • The monument is now closed tell spring 2005.

  36. The End

  37. By: Drew and Noel Federal Bureau of Investigation

  38. It’s in Washington D.C. F.B.I. agents solve crime scenes. They currently have jurisdiction over 200 categories of federal law. About the F.B.I.

  39. F stands for Federal B stands for Bureau I stands for Investigation F.B.I

  40. More information • The concrete used for the FBI building contained an aggregate of crushed dolomite limestone a unique composition. • While contrasting marble, granite, or limestone Government buildings , it echoed a major architectural style of the 1960’s.

  41. The End


  43. THE PENTAGON HAS FIVE SIDES EACH SIDE REPRESENTS THESE FIVE FORCES ARMY, AIR FORCE, NATIONAL GUARD, MARINES,AND NAVY. The Pentagon is one of the largest office buildings in the world. It got hit in 9-11 which caused a ton of damage.

  44. Pictures

  45. The Pentagon has 583 acres of land. • The total cost of the land was $2,245,000. • The Pentagon is located in Arlington, Virginia.

  46. THE END