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ecocity. Eco-city Theory : systems - Technolgy.

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Eco-city Theory : systems - Technolgy

Ecocity development requires:Ecological security- clean air, and safe, reliable water supplies, food, healthy housing and workplaces, municipal services and protection against disasters for all people.Ecological sanitation - efficient, cost-effective eco-engineering for treating and recycling human excreta, gray water, and all wastes.Ecological industrial metabolism - resource conservation and environmental protection through industrial transition, emphasizing materials re-use, life-cycle production, renewable energy, efficient transportation, and meeting human needs.Ecoscape (ecological-landscape) integrity - arrange built structures, open spaces such as parks and plazas, connectors such as streets and bridges, and natural features such as waterways and ridgelines, to maximize biodiversity and maximize accessibility of the city for all citizens while conserving energy and resources and alleviating such problems as automobile accidents, air pollution, hydrological deterioration, heat island effects and global warming.Ecological awareness - help people understand their place in nature, cultural identity, responsibility for the environment, and help them change their consumption behavior and enhance their ability to contribute to



Best Practises : International Eco-cities

  • Latar Belakang Terbentuknya bentuk berbeda karena driver dan existing spatial berbeda
  • politis : bagdad, denmark, malmo, treasure island, cheonggyecheon
  • ekologi : marina barrage, st david’s, madya paresh , freiburg, curitiba
  • ekonomi : dongtan, tianjin, Penang PGCC, Masdar
  • sosial : auroville , desa-desa di India, antonio ismael di Jawa Tengah
  • Berbagai Bentuk Eco-city


Dongtan The world's first eco-city

  • The vision is to create a community with low energy consumption that will be carbon free (8 600 hectare site)
  • The urban area will occupy just one third of the site with the remaining land retained for agriculture and create a buffer zone
  • Dongtan's buildings will help reduce energy use, making efficient use of energy sources and generating energy from renewable sources.
  • There will be processes to capture, purify, and manage rain water. Farmland within the Dongtan site will use organic farming methods to grow food.
  • Organic waste such as rice husks and vegetable peels will be recycled to generate electricity.
  • Clean technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells will power public transport.
  • A network of cycle & footpaths will help the city achieve close to zero vehicle emissions.


DongTan City, China – 8600 Ha

Masdar, UEA -600 Ha

  • Dongtan adalah ecocity pertama di China yang dirancang dengan konsep sustainable city dan dalam skala besar (8600 Ha) . Direncanakan Dongtan akan menjadi kota yang ‘green’ melalui hal-hal sbb:
  • 60 % percent smaller ecological footprint
  • 66 % reduction in energy demand
  • 40 % energy from bio-energy
  • 100 % renewable energy for in-use buildings and on-site transport
  • Waste to landfill down by 83%
  • Almost no carbon emissions
  • All housing will be located within 7-minute walk of public transport
  • will produce its own energy from wind, solar, bio-fuel and recycled city waste
  • Clean technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells will power public transport
  • A network of cycle and footpaths will help the city achieve close to zero vehicle emissions
  • Farmland within the Dongtan site will use organic farming methods to grow food
  • Sebagai negara yang memiliki tingkat tertinggi dalam hal gas buangan per kapita , karena kegiatan oil drilling, kepemilikan kendaraan pribadi yang tinggi, dan pemakain AC di bangunan, karena iklimnya yang panas dan kering, maka keputusan membangun Masdar ecocity adalah keputusan besar.
  • Dirancang untuk dihuni 50.000 jiwa
  • Thema : arsitektur vernacular Arab
  • Total investasi US$ 22 milyard
  • Menggunakan 100 % sumber energy yang renewable
  • 99% sampah nya di recycle atau sebagai kompos
  • 5-10 % produksi pangannya akan ditanam disana menggunakan grey water
  • Posititoning : the world’s first renewable (energy) city society
  • The world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city
  • Teknologi :Photovoltaic panels will generate Masdar City’s
  • electricity, while cooling will be provided via
  • concentrated solar power.
  • Water will be provided through a solar-powered
  • desalination plant.



Sekilas 3 Aspek Utama pada Berbagai Eco-City

  • TEKNOLOGI , mengacu pada :
  • - renewable energy (solar/
  • PV, wind )
  • - zero carbon (building)
  • - green transportation
  • - water recycled
  • - waste management
  • Stakeholders (inisiatif)
  • - negara maju : pro active govt,
  • LSM , inisiatif warga
  • - neg berkembang : pemerintah
  • di China: partnership gov-foreign
  • di Middle East : full foreign
  • INSTITUSI (pengelolaan)
  • - negara maju : swadaya,+
  • government
  • - neg. berkembang :
  • govt dg private sector,
  • partnership

Negara maju : sdm sangat siap

Jadi institusi kurang berperan

Di China, institusinya yg berperan?



Pengecekan Aspek Utama pada 4 buah Eco-city



Antara Model MASDAR dengan TIANJIN

Saat ini menjadi

Model bagi pengembangan

Eco-city di dunia , ada

Di antara dua kutub ini:

Ala Masdar (budget

tidak masalah, ekspe-

rimen teknologi)


Ala Dongtan (budget

Oriented, teknologi

Yang ada saja)


Lebih holistic approach



Best Practises

Analisa Awal Keberadaan Eco-city di Indonesia

  • Standar Tianjin Eco-city Ada 26 aspek :
  • 22 aspek kuantitatif
  • 4 aspek kualitatif


Basic Applied System for Indonesia Eco-city



  • Energy Efficiency and Use of Clean, Renewable Energy
  • Green Buildings (PV, thermal insulation, smart systems)
  • Green Transportation (its contribution to Ecological Footprint, people oriented site planning, compact development)
  • Ecolandscape(zero carbon, fresh air, good pedestrian, green space)
  • Water supply (recycled grey water, )
  • Waste(close to or zero waste, recycled as compost,
  • Economic Vibrancy (more pedestrian, more traffic for retails)
  • Social Harmony (social mixed class, economic development)
  • Heritage Conservation (cultural heritage & renewable instead of new construction)
  • No 1- 6 untuk aspek Teknologi, bisa untuk skala perumahan besar
  • No 7- 9 untuk skala kota (lebih melibatkan pemerintah kota )