Establishing an educational foundation 101
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ESTABLISHING AN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION 101. What is a School Foundation?. An independent, community based organization designed to help meet emerging and long range needs of school districts. Starting a School Foundation. Some school foundations choose to become their own 501(c)3,

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What is a school foundation
What is a School Foundation?

  • An independent, community based organization designed to help meet emerging and long range needs of school districts.

Starting a school foundation
Starting a School Foundation

  • Some school foundations choose to become their own 501(c)3,

  • Others elect to establish a fund with the local community foundation

What are the overarching purposes of the foundation
What are the overarching purposes of the foundation?

  • Annual operations support

  • Building a reserve fund

  • Capital and equipment

  • Endowment building

Expectations of governance board
Expectations of Governance Board

  • Donors

  • Event volunteering

  • Strategic, long-range planning

  • Asset management, fiduciary responsibility

  • Public awareness

What are education funds
What are Education Funds?

  • Vehicles to solicit, receive, coordinate and distribute $$ to encourage creative and innovative programs;

  • Recognition and reward for outstanding achievement of students and staff;

  • Encouragement to increase involvement of local businesses and community in schools

Scholarship v education funds
Scholarship v. Education Funds

  • Scholarships are long term and geared toward further educational opportunities.

    • Distribute to institution of higher learning

  • Education funds address immediate and changing needs and serve a larger population of students as well as staff.

    • Distribute to school district

Fund examples
Fund Examples

  • Project Graduation

  • Booster Clubs

    • academic, athletic, activity

  • Dental/health

  • Special projects

    • technology needs, library update

Logan rogersville school foundation mission
Logan-Rogersville School Foundation Mission:

  • To promote educational excellence in the Logan-Rogersville School System and community by generating financial resources from private funds to provide support for students, faculty and organizations.

Our vision
Our Vision:

  • To be the largest source of private funding for the Logan-Rogersville School Community.

Where do you begin

  • Get school board approval to establish a foundation. Quarterly, a foundation board member is on the school board agenda and gives a foundation update. In October, an annual report is presented to the school board.

Need help
Need Help?

  • Partnering with your high school student council (STUCO) and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO), compile a list of your community leaders and patrons. Invite these people to an informational dinner sponsored and paid for by your STUCO.

Election of board members officers
Election of Board Members/Officers

  • Elect 9 board members--The LREF Board Profile--lawyer, c.p.a, bank president, architect, business owners, and former PTA presidents and PTA officers--school volunteers. These board members must be willing to work and contribute financially to your foundation. Update--the LREF has added 4 additional board members--Alumni, Booster Club, PTA, and YEP Student Representative.

  • Elect your officers--President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

  • Assign remaining board members as committee chairman's.

Getting your house in order
Getting Your House in Order

  • Write your bylaws, mission and vision statement, and motto. Please note: The LREF is a self-sustaining board. We elect our own board members. The LREF will eventually be an autonomous board. In the future, none of our board members will have direct ties to the school district--i.e., school board members, school employees, administrators, etc.

  • Establish Monthly Meetings

  • File the necessary paperwork--MO Non-Profit, incorporation, and begin the process of becoming a 501(c)(3).

More getting your house in order
More Getting Your House in Order

  • Design your letterhead and stationery. It is very important that you list the names of your officers, the names of your members at large, logo, address, and mission & vision statements are on your stationery.

  • Design your web

  • Design your grant application, grant procedures, and create a Grant Recommendations Committee.

  • Design your brochure.

Goal setting
Goal Setting

  • Conduct an educator survey to determine the direction your foundation needs to take. This is a great opportunity to meet with the faculty at each campus--hand out your surveys and brochures and answer any questions.

  • Establish short term goals (1 year) and long term (2-5 year) goals with a strategic plan.


Fundraising opportunities
Fundraising Opportunities

  • The LREF Wildcat Gala

  • The LREF Wildcat Walkway

  • Grant writing opportunities with other non-profits.

  • Fall Homecoming Event

  • 5 in 5 Campaign--raise $500,000 in five years.

  • 2007-2008 Annual Report

  • Building relationships is the key--the rest will follow.

Capacity building funds cfo
Capacity Building Funds/CFO

  • 2009/2010 Project Graduation Class Fund(s)

  • McElroy Marching Band Fund

  • Wildcat Walkway

Endowments cfo

  • Palen Music Endowment for the Arts

  • Logan-Rogersville Educational Foundation Endowment Fund (1/3 of the Wildcat Walkway Proceeds are deposited in this fund and all of our “in memoriam” gifts are now put in this fund).

  • YEP

  • Booster Club

  • Logan-Rogersville Alumni Association

  • Logan-Rogersville PTA


  • Work with your local newspaper and the Springfield News-Leader.

  • Speak to every student organization, every faculty member, and your alumni organization.

  • Attend non-profit workshops and network.