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3GPP Presence Requirements Requirements for Presence Service based on 3GPP specifications and wireless environment characteristics draft-kiss-simple-presence-wireless-reqs-00 Krisztian Kiss <> Gabor Bajko <> IETF54, Yokohama.

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Presentation Transcript

3GPP Presence RequirementsRequirements for Presence Service based on 3GPP specifications and wireless environment characteristicsdraft-kiss-simple-presence-wireless-reqs-00Krisztian Kiss <>Gabor Bajko <>IETF54, Yokohama

draft kiss simple presence wireless reqs 00
  • Background
    • 3G specifications
      • 3GPP Presence Stage 1 specification: TS 22.141
      • 3GPP Presence Stage 2 specification: TS 23.141
      • 3GPP Presence Stage 3 work has not been started yet
    • Needs rising from mobile/wireless environment characteristics
  • Requirements:
    • General wireless
    • Publishing
    • Subscription and Notification
    • Presence Document
    • Authorization
    • Watcher information
  • No discussion on the mailing list
general publishing
General & Publishing
  • General wireless requirements
    • Radio interface
      • number/size of messages over the air should be at minimum
    • Mobile terminals
      • memory, power consumption, processing power are limited
  • Publishing
    • Standardized mechanism
    • Publishing from multiple PUAs
      • merge the information and resolve conflicts
      • keep all the PUAs aware of each other's publishing
    • Efficient publishing
      • full state update within each publish transaction is not necessarily needed
      • update only the information that has changed
subscription and notification
Subscription and notification
  • Filtering
    • subscriber indicates rules for the information to be received
    • presence information is constructed based on filtering request and authorization rules
  • Efficiency
    • partial notification: notification contains only the information that has changed status
    • dynamic compression mechanisms
  • Content indirection
    • subscriber indicates whether it supports
    • PA performs CI if needed taking into account subscriber's preferences
  • Anonymous subscription
    • subscriber's ID is not revealed to the presentity
presence document
Presence Document
  • Multiple types of presence attributes
    • type of the presence attribute: user, device or network specific
    • unique identity for all attributes
  • Multiple instances
    • the same attribute is shown for different subscribers with different values
  • Location information
    • standardized mechanism to express location information and related privacy restrictions
  • Standardized authorization policy
    • standardized mechanism for the PUA to set the authorization policy: document format and manipulation operations
    • network operators are able to extend the document format and the operations based on local policy
  • Expressiveness of authorization rules
    • different access rights for different subscribers or groups
    • grant access rights
      • separately for all elements of the presence information
      • on the level of detail of the presence information
      • with an expiry time
  • Group management
    • authorization policy management includes operations for management of groups
    • aligned with the group management operations used for other purposes
watcher information
Watcher information
  • Watcher information filtering
    • the presentity monitors the watcher status of certain subscribers
  • Watcher history
    • the list of subscribers who have accessed (by subscription or fetch) the presentity's presence information during a well-defined time-period
    • the details of the presence information provided to different subscribers may also be available for the presentity
proposed way forward
Proposed way forward
  • SIMPLE WG should evaluate the requirements in the draft
  • If a consensus is found within the WG about a requirement
    • charter should be checked where it fits
    • if needed, charter item should be created
  • If a requirement falls out of the WG's scope, 3GPP would be able to start working on the solution
    • if needed, IETF could be informed about the result via informational documents
  • 3GPP Presence Work Item
    • Stage 2 work is planned to be finished by the next SA2 meeting (August)
    • Stage 2 has now a Technical Specification: TR 23.841 was converted to TS 23.141
    • Stage 2 will present TS 23.141 to SA#17 in September
    • Stage 3 work is expected to be started in the next 3GPP CN1 meeting (July-August) and planned to be finished by March 2003
3gpp messaging draft allen simple msg 3gpp 01 txt

3GPP Messagingdraft-allen-simple-msg-3gpp-01.txt

Andrew Allen <>

Aki Niemi <>

IETF54, Yokohama

  • 3GPP is working on messaging
    • Existing messaging services (SMS, EMS, MMS)
    • New messaging services to extend the current IMS (IM, chat)
    • Interaction between the above two sets of services
    • Interaction with other IMS features, such as presence, etc.
  • Work in defining requirements is ongoing
    • Stage 1, or in feasibility study phase
    • Thus this is an “informal” 3GPP communication
this is a heads up
This is a Heads Up
  • Intention is to bring the relevant requirements to IETF
    • Similar to draft-kiss-simple-presence-wireless-reqs-00
    • Timeline: prior to IETF55
  • Rough estimate on the content:
    • Creation of messaging groups (chat rooms)
    • Management of authorization policy
  • Awareness of the work ongoing in IETF
    • Various requirement docs in SIMPLE/SIPPING