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How The Damaged Spark Plugs Affect Your Car PowerPoint Presentation
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How The Damaged Spark Plugs Affect Your Car

How The Damaged Spark Plugs Affect Your Car

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How The Damaged Spark Plugs Affect Your Car

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  1. How The Damaged Spark Plugs Affect Your Car?

  2. Spark plug consists of a central conductor, shell, and an insulator.

  3. To start up the car engine, the spark plugs can inflame the mixture of air and fuel through an electric spark.

  4. It can provide good combustion to your engine, improved the fuel economy and performance of your vehicle as well as prevent the high discharge of gases.

  5. Improper cleaning of spark plugs may lead to serious engine failure within a short span of time and somehow unable to start up the vehicle.

  6. The spark plugs also require routine service and maintenance to keep your engine running smoothly.

  7. Here are the common issues that can affect your car due to damaged spark plugs. Poor Acceleration Poor Fuel Economy Misfiring in Engine Starting Issues

  8. Poor Acceleration

  9. The engine performance of your car can be hampered automatically when the spark plugs in your car affected.

  10. It can significantly reduce the acceleration of your vehicle when the effectiveness of the spark plug is reduced.

  11. When you are pushing down the accelerator, in such situation it does not immediately boost the speed of the vehicle.

  12. Due to its dull acceleration, the engine of your car trying very hard to pull the vehicle.

  13. If you notice that your car does not accelerate as quickly or running very sluggishly, then the spark plug needs to be replaced.

  14. Poor Fuel Economy

  15. When the spark plug works correctly, it can effectively burn the fuel in the combustion cycle and provide better fuel economy.

  16. If you find out any evident drop in the fuel economy of your vehicle, then the reason behind is may a bad spark plug.

  17. Engine performance is more defeated when the spark plug is deteriorated because the engine and spark plug is directly related.

  18. For the optimum fuel economy, it is recommended to check the spark plug at regular interval and if needed work out it.

  19. Misfiring in Engine

  20. Misfire of the engine is similar to the stammering engine, it occurs when the vehicle halts for a fraction of a second.

  21. Even if a single cylinder interrupts the firing of the engine and emitted contaminated gases.

  22. Damaged spark plugs also cause misfire of the engine and can be noticed by intermittent stumbling or sputtering sounds from the engine.

  23. If the engine is misfiring, then the exhaust emissions will increase and the engine power will decrease so that the fuel economy will drop.

  24. If your vehicle problem associated with engine misfiring issues, then contact a mechanic.

  25. Starting Issues

  26. If you are facing trouble to start your vehicle, then it can be a most common sign of a bad spark plug.

  27. Even after several attempts, the spark plugs fails to produce the necessary spark to your vehicle for kick off.

  28. Due to faulty spark plugs, your battery is also running dead, then it needs immediate replacement.

  29. If you notice any of these signs when you're starting your car, then it's a good idea to contact a certified mechanic.

  30. Conclusion

  31. Regardless whatever the issues might be, you need to eventually wear out the spark plugs.

  32. Being proactive about the spark plug maintenance can extend the life of your engine and increase its fuel economy.

  33. Timely checking and cleaning of the spark plug helps you to identify the problems at the primitive stage itself.

  34. It will save the time, money and energy from being spent.