the posture pedometer cummerbund n.
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The posture pedometer cummerbund

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The posture pedometer cummerbund - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team Members: Kelly Han Kyle Mauer (Team Lead) Kevin Vo Advisors: Dr. Aziz Inan (Faculty) Srija Pidaparthy (Industry) Dr. Deborah Munro (Client) Dr. Andrew Nuxoll (Instructor). The posture pedometer cummerbund. October 2012 Program Review. What does the Cummerbund do?.

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Presentation Transcript
the posture pedometer cummerbund

Team Members:

Kelly Han

Kyle Mauer (Team Lead)

Kevin Vo


Dr. Aziz Inan (Faculty)

SrijaPidaparthy (Industry)

Dr. Deborah Munro (Client)

Dr. Andrew Nuxoll (Instructor)

The posture pedometer cummerbund

October 2012 Program Review

what does the cummerbund do
What does the Cummerbund do?
  • Will indicate if user has bad back posture.
  • Will display the user’s step count.
but how kevin
  • The design utilizes two inputs, two outputs, and a “brain”.

Vibration Motors

Flex Sensor

Arduino Uno

Pedometer Switch

Arduino LCD

deadlines and progress
Deadlines and Progress
  • Major Milestone
    • Finish Functional Specification v1.0
      • Deadline: Oct. 5
      • Completed: Oct. 4
  • Progress
    • Met with SrijaPidaparthy (Oct. 2)
    • Received Arduino Uno from Dr. Hoffbeck (Oct. 7)
    • Ordered Parts (Oct. 14)
    • Researched LilypadArduino Components
    • Pedometer Predicament
what s a lilypad
What’s a Lilypad?
  • LilypadArduino is a line of components made specifically for interfacing electronics with fabric.
pedometer predicament
Pedometer Predicament
  • We encountered issues with interfacing a ball and mercury tilt switch for the pedometer function.
    • Ball switch needed 30° tilt to register a contact.
    • Mercury switch needed 5° tilt to register a contact.
our solution
Our Solution…
  • Our first idea was to replace the tilt switch with an Arduino GPS Shield that would record the distance the user walked.
  • Problems
    • Problems: The GPS would not be

able to determine if the user

is walking or driving.

    • Shield is too bulky.
final decision
Final Decision
  • Our team decided to utilize a pedometer spring switch contact.
  • This mechanism is powered by a 1.5v coin battery
    • Output is ~1.5 volts when contact is open
    • Output is 0 volts when contact is closed
future milestones
Future Milestones
  • (Minor) Finish first draft of Design Document
    • Deadline: Nov. 2
    • Estimated finish date: Nov. 1
  • (Minor) Finish Design document v.95
    • Deadline: Nov. 9
    • Estimated finish date: Nov. 8
  • (Major) Interface Flex Sensor
    • Deadline: Nov. 14
    • Estimated finish date: Nov. 14
future milestones cont
Future Milestones cont.
  • (Major) Complete Design Document
    • Deadline: Nov. 16
    • Estimated finish date: Nov. 15
  • (Minor) Final Budget Calculated
    • Deadline: Nov. 16
    • Estimated finish date: Nov. 15
  • (Major) Implement Pedometer with Arduino
    • Deadline: Nov. 30
    • Estimated finish date: Nov. 30
team concerns
Team Concerns
  • Make sure the flex sensor contours with the back.
    • We want to make sure that the sensor detects a change in back posture effectively.
  • Interfacing inputs and outputs with Arduino
    • We still have not had much experience with Arduino hardware and software
plans for progress
Plans for Progress
  • To make sure we complete our milestones we will start early on documents, testing, and continue to research Arduino hardware and software.
  • Our Plan
    • Interface Flex Sensor with Arduino
    • Interface Pedometer with Arduino
    • Determine Cummerbund Fabric