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Riunione dei Responsabili e Senior INFN PowerPoint Presentation
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Riunione dei Responsabili e Senior INFN

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Riunione dei Responsabili e Senior INFN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Riunione dei Responsabili e Senior INFN. Some news on Pixel Upgrade. Pixel TDR - Good progress in write up - Timeline (see next slide): first version to be sent to LHCC referee in June - INFN Gruppo I presentation on Pixel TDR planned on 16-17 July

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Presentation Transcript
some news on pixel upgrade
Some news on Pixel Upgrade
  • Pixel TDR
  • - Good progress in write up
  • - Timeline (see next slide): first version to be sent to LHCC referee in June - INFN Gruppo I presentation on Pixel TDR planned on 16-17 July
  • Preliminary Money Matrix with draft contribution from agencies presented to last October RRB. Update April 2012 RRB.
  • Pixel Project covered
    • - INFN Pixel contribution 1.4 MCHF
  • Sharing of Pixel Upgrade Responsibilities
  • - Discussion well advanced with the Pixel Management Board
  • April will be crucial with several key technical and managerial discussions to take placewith a final internal Review 25th of April.

G.M. Bilei

pixel tdr timeline
Pixel TDR timeline
  • Target presentation of final document to LHCC in September 2012
    • with draft sent 1-2 months earlier.
  • Presently we have first draft 70% complete
  • Some strategic points to be worked into the document.
  • In April will internally review all strategic and technical points of the project going in the TDR as part of CMS Conceptual Design Review (Apr. 25th)
  • Gruppo I discussion in July

G.M. Bilei

infn pixel upgrade tdr list
INFN Pixel Upgrade TDR list

Pixel TDR will have two separate lists

1. CMS author list

2. Pixel Upgrade participants intending to

contribute to the project (not only

Construction, but also simulations,

software on & off line, DCS etc.)

This list includes Technicians, Engineers,


Here the list I have got from you.

I will provide it to Salvatore.

If you have comments or changes let


G.M. Bilei

genova totem
Genova Totem

Alcunimembri del gruppo INFN TOTEM Genovahannocontattato Nadia

per ingresso in CMS.

Interesse in Fisica, Elettronicaed Hardware.

In particolaresonointeressati al progetto di Upgrade dei Pixel.

E. Robutti, M. Lovetere, P. Musicoedaltri.

Totale~5 FTE

Abbiamoparlato con Nadia edentrambiconcordiamo ci sembriunabuona

novità e chequestainteressedebbaessereincoraggiato.


G.M. Bilei

selex offerta bumb bonding
SelexOffertaBumb Bonding

Richiesta di sblocco SJ di 25 Kesu

Pisa inviataai referee.

Domanimeeting con Nadia edi referee.

Nadia mi ha dettoche ha parlato con i referee

e non dovrebberoesserciproblemi.

Urgentecapire con Selexicosti di produzione

finale. Unaoffertainviata fine delloscorso

anno non sembravaesseresoddisfacente.

Sono in corsocontatti /negoziazioni per


G.M. Bilei

test beam frascati
Test Beam Frascati


30 Aprile - 4 Maggio 2012

Interessead organizzareunaattivita`

comunedi test modulo pixel sufascio?

In casopositivo, organizzare un piccolo

sforzo e definireprogramma di lavoro.

G.M. Bilei

some points to follow up
Some points to follow up
  • Pixel Upgrade
  • ROC wafer from Roland and testing in PSI (first) and Padova (later)
  • This is the only element we don’t have control yet.
  • Roland promised the wafers several time, need to follow up with him.
  • Pixel Simulation: increase INFN contribution. 1 post-doc available
  • Operation/DPG/POG
  • Define Technical/Engineering support for 2013 LS1 from Tracker and INFN
  • In particular in order to define funding request for 2013, by June we should
  • define the support that we could provide compatibly with other activities.
  • Possibly increase INFN contribution in the area of Radiation Damage
  • studies and simulation.
  • Possibly improve the way we contribute to Operation, DPG, POG tasks
  • and get toward an organized contribution from INFN.
  • Tracker Upgrade
  • INFN R&D funding to support activities for the preparation the proposal for
  • Tracker Upgrade
  • INFN Support Track Trigger Simulations and better integrate them with Trigger
  • Hardware activities

G.M. Bilei

next tracker meetings
Next Tracker Meetings
  • Next meetings
  • MoltiMB Pixel Upgrade meeting previstiprossimomese
  • Tracker week 23-27 Apr.
  • Conceptual Design Review 25 Apr
  • CMS Upgrade week 21-25 May
  • Pixel Upgrade Grindelwald(CH) 28-31 Aug.
  • Fatemisaperenumerostimatodeipartecipanti.
  • Tuesday 28 am Workshop registration
  • Tuesday 28 pm Working Group parallel session (e.g. Cooling in parallel with Test beam)
  • Wednesday 29 am Working Group parallel sessions (e.g. Simulations in parallel with BPIX module production)
  • Wednesday 29 pm Plenary Phase 1 meeting - Part 1
  • Thursday 30 am Plenary Phase 1 meeting - Part 2
  • Thursday 30 pm Off-site visit (e.g. mountain location). 
  • Friday 31 am Phase 1 Management Board (restricted) in parallel with Informal Working meetings.
  • Friday 31 2pm Close of meeting.

G.M. Bilei

infn next meeting
INFN Next meeting?
  • If useful we might consider to have a second INFN workshop someplace else
  • (autumn?)
  • Continue to hold short (2 two hours) INFN meetings at CERN during Tracker
  • weeks to touch down most important topics with short presentations.
  • Continue to hold about 1.5 hour meeting bi-weekly or when urgently needed.
  • Grazie agli speakers ed a tuttiipartecipanti

G.M. Bilei