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Western Bible Conference Renew

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Western Bible Conference Renew. “be metamorphosised by the continual renewing of your mind” Rom 12:. One week of life and ministry. Two Marriages on the rocks Two teachers scrambling to find work Two Christian institutions facing closure Two officers in deep depression

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western bible conference renew

Western Bible ConferenceRenew

“be metamorphosised by the continual renewing of your mind” Rom 12:

one week of life and ministry
One week of life and ministry
  • Two Marriages on the rocks
  • Two teachers scrambling to find work
  • Two Christian institutions facing closure
  • Two officers in deep depression
  • “Am I good enough?”
  • We Need Renewal
renewal in the ot
Renewal in the OT
  • Creation – Fall – Restoration
  • Worship life – new = new moon, feasts ‘picture of newness’
    • Lam 3:23 Hesed new every morning
  • Create (bara) in me a clean heart, O God and renew (hodesh) a right spirit within me. (Ps 51:10)
creation as the foundation of renewal
Creation as the foundation of renewal
  • The language of Scripture (and the Army)
    • Redeemed and recreated
    • Released and restored
    • Rescued and resting in Him
    • Reconciled and made perfect
  • The Gospel we offer –
  • The Reality we need –
renewal in the ot1
Renewal in the OT
  • New Covenant in the Heart (Jer 31)
    • A new thing 31:22, new covenant 31:31
  • Renewal of the Heart (Ezek 11:19) 3t.
    • Ezek 18:31 ‘get yourself a new heart/put on a new spirit’
    • Ezek 36:26 ‘new heart’
  • 6 New Song Pss. 40:4, 33:3, 98:3, 96:11,144:9,149:1
  • Isaiah’s “new song” 42:10, “new things” 43:19, “new heavens and new earth” 65:17, “new name” 62:2,4 ‘married’
renewal in the nt
Renewal in the NT
  • John 3 – you must be born again – through water and the Spirit (3:5)
    • Picks up the OT promise of Holy Spirit
  • Regeneration 2x (palin – again, genesia- begin)
    • Mt 19:28 ‘when all is made new’
    • Titus 3:5 ‘by the washing of regeneration’
renewal ana kainos
Renewal (ana-kainos)
  • Col 3:10 and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator.
  • II Cor 4:16 Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.
  • Titus 3:5 ‘and the renewal in the Holy Spirit’
  • Rom 12:2 ‘be transformed by the renewal of your mind’
    • Rare terms but pervasive theme
    • II Cor 5:17 ‘ a new creation’
renewal as recreation
Renewal as Recreation

It takes the power behind creation to make a heart new

and it takes that same power to keep it renewed

brengle and purity of heart
Brengle and Purity of Heart
  • After quoting Ezek 36:25-27
    • “new” occurs twice (cf. 11:19 twice)To believers, to the redeemed
    • No longer under sin,
    • or over sin
    • but WITHOUT sin
one distinctive contribution
One Distinctive Contribution?
  • Gospel not completed until there is:
    • ‘universal holiness’
    • ‘actual renewal of the image of God’
    • ‘not just relative but real change’
    • ‘a great salvation perfectly restored in me!’
    • Renewal – nothing less than transformation
real life after sanctification rom 12 2
Real life after Sanctification Rom 12:2
  • By the (Hesed/Agape) Mercy of God:
    • Living Sacrifice
    • Not formed by something which is not His will for your life
      • Passive with negative: stop something now
    • Continually transformed in your inmost nature
      • Passive: Let yourselves be transformed
    • By the RENEWING of your mind (nous)
      • Normally the moral reasoning
    • vs. 3 uses (phroneo) for mind
dealing with a different mind
Dealing with a different mind
  • But when he had turned about and looked on his disciples, he rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan:

for thou savorest not (phroneo)

the things that be of God, but the things that be of men. (Mar 8:33; Matt 16:23 KJV)

dealing with a satanic mind
Dealing with a “satanic” mind
  • Mind (Phroneo) – “savor” (KJV)
  • You are not ‘minded’ like God

occurs in some crucial passages

    • Perspective
    • Mindset
    • Direction mind takes
    • To take someone’s side
    • To think in a certain way
    • Setting one’s interest in a consuming direction
    • Orientation, Way of thinking,
we have the mind of christ 1 cor 2 6 15
We have the mind of Christ(1 Cor 2: 6-15)
  • Theme of paragraph - Wisdom concealed in a mystery
  • “Musterion” (once in syn. gospels, Mk 4:11/Mt13:11/Lk8:10 (21t. in Paul)
    • muo = a shut mouth
    • ‘sater’ = state of hiddenness, especially to the natural mind
      • Something too profound for human ingenuity
  • The revelation comes out of a relationship
  • Spirit reveals what is freely given (12)
the christian mind
The Christian Mind
  • Is this just speculation?
    • Harry Blamires The Christian Mind
      • A supernatural orientation
      • Reality of the eternal:
        • C.S. Lewis “All that is not eternal, is eternally out of date.”
        • No earthbound salvation
        • Other religions: faith and works, which?
      • Awareness of Evil
        • Doctrine of Original Sin
  • Mind = “the theology of Jesus”
    • Jesus is our focus point and what His interests are become ours
have the mind of christ phil 2 1 5
Have the Mind of Christ(Phil 2:1-5)
  • Spiritual Disposition:
    • The pattern of “emptiness”
    • The example of “humiliation”
  • Commend Him, how - by proclaiming Him

by living like Him

set your mind on things above col 3 2
Set your Mind on things above (Col 3:2)
  • Structure of the Paragraph
  • 3:1-4 is a General statement:
  • (1)IfConditional Statement
  • Rec. of “ifs” 2:20 and here only in Col.
    • consequence of his death in 2:20
    • here is consequence of his being raised
if then

Then or therefore:

Causation refers to what has preceded, how far? 2:20, 2:12-13

Since you have been raised/ rose along with Christ (belief, regeneration, baptism)

Rec of raised resurrection theme(1:11,12,13?) 1:18 firstborn of the dead 2:12,13 (14?)

Since you share in the endless life He procured, He gave, He is

Continuation of commands related to 2:5,8,9,12,16

Effect: Seek the things that are above:

First Command

1b) Be seeking, Aim at! Keep on aspiring to those things which are above

Above is particularized by description

Where our Christ is

Seated at the Right Hand of our God:

Meaning of Heaven, Ascension, Session

Second Command or completion of the first?

Positive perspective:

(2)Set your minds on things that are above,

Phroneo in the NT (Mk.8, Mt 16, I Cor 13: 11, Phil 2)

Give your minds to, be intent on,

constantly fix your thoughts on

The bent, the tendency of your thought and will,

set your mind on things above col 3 21
Set your Mind on things above (Col 3:2)
  • Turn from Negative to Positive
    • Implications of the Death and Ress. (2:20ff)
    • Elemental Spirits no longer control or attract
    • tenor of existence changed
    • What is it that we actually do? Seek, Set, have died, you will appear…everything else is of heavenly origin
    • set your mind on the highest you know and stay there
what keeps us from his mind
What keeps us from His Mind?
  • Rom 1:28 Reprobate Mind
  • Rom 8:7 Carnal
  • Rom 12:2 Conformed
am i thinking christianly
Am I thinking Christianly?
  • It is so easy to be de-Christianized in our “minds”
    • Cultivating an eternal perspective?
      • It is a constant fight with secular culture
        • Therefore no need for dependence upon God
      • Incarnation is the breaking in of supernature into nature
        • The Greater breaks in on the Smaller
      • The eternal is not for later
        • It is the background for all of life today
        • The issue of salvation is the dominant concern
does my mind reflect his
Does my mind reflect His?
  • Don’t interject our faith into anything
  • Christian ‘silence’
  • Actually begin to reason like the world and add Jesus when totally accepted
  • Begin to think and act like the world – self-help, we can be good, don’t bring that supernatural stuff into the quotient
allowing him to renew my mind
Allowing Him to Renew My Mind
  • Is His Mind Mine?
  • Is His Self-emptying Way Mine?
  • Is His Reality truly ‘real’ for me?
macarius of egypt
Macarius of Egypt

“If any man is in Christ he is a new creature, for our Lord Jesus came for this very reason, that He might change, and renew, and create afresh this once perverted soul. He came to work a new mind, a new soul, new eyes, new ears, a new spiritual tongue, yes to make believers new people that He might pour into them His Spirit.”