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Shorelines. -Filiberto Maldonado. The Shorelines.

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-Filiberto Maldonado

the shorelines
  • Shorelines are what in spanish are called “Las costas” also are thesame in otherformthey are beachesor “playas”. Theshorelinesconnectwiththeocean (massivebodies of waterthacoveralmostallearthterrytory). Examples of oceans are: Pacific,Atlantic,AntarticorArtic.
under the sea
Underthe sea

Undertheshorelines in theoceanthey are many fauna likewhalesharks

other spicies

Someotherspicieslikeseaworld`swhaleshamú normalylive in the sea

how they look
Howthey look?
  • The shorelines of the world's oceans draw our interest, perhaps because they are the most accessible parts of the ocean.  They offer the merest glimpse of the hidden treasures of the ocean.  We will divide the shoreline world here into 2 parts, rocky and sandy shores (another shoreline habitat, mangrove swamps, are treated separately).  Rocky shores offer a stable base for the attachment of a variety of animals and plants.  Sandy shores, with the moving sand particles, offer a very different challenge for animals and plants which would live there.

Tosaythisfast in shorelinesmost of theiranimalsborn of a egganonly 25% bor of theirmotherslikewhalesorsquidsthey are carnivor and herbivor

  • Para saber mas del mar entren a