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  1. HISTORY AND ICT Website Tasks The Holocaust

  2. The Holocaust You have been studying the Holocaust in your History lessons recently… …we are now going to use our ICT lessons to consider the portrayal of the Holocaust on the Internet

  3. Task 1 - Objectives • You must…. • Recall the key features of the persecution of the Jews and other minority groups in the Holocaust • Describe how the Holocaust has been remembered / portrayed by different ‘interest groups’ • You should • Explain why there are different ‘interpretations’ of the Holocaust • You could… • Evaluate the websites and use them critically to reach a judgement on how the Holocaust has been remembered

  4. Your Task Visit the websites and critically evaluate them: • 1.  What is the address of the site and what does this tell you about its content? • 2. Who is the author of the website and what might this tell you about its content? • 3. Who is the intended audience for the website? • 4. How is the content presented, both technically (hyperlinks, hotspots, etc) and in terms of the use of image, colour, font, etc. • 5. How effective is the website and what suggestions would you make for how to improve it?

  5. Websites • • • • •

  6. Task 2 - Objectives • You must…. • Create a website of at least three linked pages, on the subject of the holocaust • You should • Ensure that you present your information in an appropriate way for your chosen audience and include text, image and multimedia elements if possible • You could… • Link your site to other existing websites which you have carefully selected

  7. How your work will be marked… Level 4 You can create a three-page hyperlinked website which contains some relevant information about the topic. Level 5 You create an eye-catching website, containing text and images which are appropriate to the topic. Your website is aimed at a particular audience and is designed to present the content in an appropriate way. Level 6 Your website shows a clear sense of audience and purpose. It links to external websites and is well designed and constructed. You are able to use feedback from others to help you improve your work and you can justify your choice of content and design. You can evaluate the websites used in Task One and compare them to your own.