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2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan

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2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan
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  1. 2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan



  4. JCI will enable communities to achieve sustainable impact.

  5. Action Steps: • Use the JCI Active Citizen Framework to run local projects around the world to increase sustainable impact. • Create a global JCI Active Citizen Framework campaign to share the concept and its accompanying tools around the world. • Encourage every JCI Local Organization to achieve a minimum Impact Index of one by conducting a minimum of one JCI Active Citizen Framework project per year. • Identify and invest in countries where there is an opportunity to create impact. • Encourage continuous monitoring of activities outlined by JCI Plans of Action (local, national and international) during the implementation period, to ensure progress toward creating sustainable impact. • Recommend the use of the JCI Active Citizen Framework to local authorities and civic organizations in communities.

  6. JCI will create an environment in which people are motivated toward positive change.

  7. Action Steps: • Ensure JCI Events, JCI Programs and JCI Training at all levels motivate people to create sustainable impact. • Organize JCI Active Citizen Framework project showcases at JCI Events on national and international levels. • Develop resources for nonmembers who want to create sustainable impact, run an impactful project and ultimately create their own JCI Local Organization. • Encourage JCI National and Local Organizations to have Strategic Planning Committees that create their own plans aligned with the JCI Strategic Plan. • Provide JCI Training online to make courses more accessible. • Recognize internal and external organizations, communities, initiatives and/or individuals that are creating sustainable impact.

  8. JCI will create a financial plan that invests in long-term goals.

  9. Action Steps: • Create a JCI financial strategy that supports all other JCI strategies. • Maximize alternative sources of income outside of JCI members dues. • Develop and implement a measurable financial growth plan utilizing and collaborating with experts in the financial field. • Find corporate partners for each JCI Program to maximize program impact.

  10. JCI will bring together like-minded partners in order to expand mutual impact.

  11. Action Steps: • Assess the organizational needs in order to identify the most effective partners to achieve mutual goals. • Evaluate and identify potential partners that are aligned with our core values. • Initiate a JCI Partnership Summit on a national level to share ideas and connect like-minded partners with JCI members and JCI Local Organizations. • Maintain communication and share mutual progress with partners on all levels.

  12. JCI will connect people, their communities and the global society.

  13. Action Steps: • Utilize the latest technological resources to enhance efficient and effective communication at all levels. • Create a project database with a reporting system aligned with the JCI Active Citizen Framework. • Actively share and showcase best practices with all sectors of society. • Support the establishment of JCI National Secretariats. • Foster connection and create a reporting system between JCI National Secretariats and JCI World Headquarters. • Create tools to support JCI Twinning. • Create documentaries that show the world who JCI is, what we do and how we do it.