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Unit22Theme park

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Unit22Theme park
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Unit22Theme park

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  1. Unit22Theme park

  2. Bungeeing

  3. Pirate ship

  4. Roller-coaster rides

  5. Free-fall rides

  6. Pictures of carnival

  7. Could you think of some adjectives to help you describe those activities • thrilling exciting scary • fast high unsafe • dangerous frightening

  8. 1. The World Park is the largest park in the world. 2. Every year, there are more than five hundred thousand students visiting Ocean Park. 3. Ocean Park is divided into two sections , including the Headland and the Lowland. 4. New Disney parks have opened only in the US. 5. Disneyland in California was the first theme park to become popular around the world. 6. At Universal , all the rides and activities are based on Universal Pictures movies. Listen to the tape and do some True or False statements ( F ) ( F ) ( T ) ( F ) ( F ) ( T )

  9. Read the text and find out the answers to the questions 1 . What’s a theme park ? A theme park is a collection of rides , exhibitions or other attractions that are based on a common theme . 2 . How many theme parks are mentioned in the passage ? And what are they ? Five . They are the World Park , China Ethnic Culture Park , Ocean Park in Hong Kong , Disneyland in California and Universal Studios in Florida . skimming

  10. Read the text and find out the answers to the questions 3 . What do the parks have in common ? What they all have in common is that they combine fun with the opportunity to learn something . 4. What’s the difference between a theme park and a traditional amusement park ? Unlike traditional amusement parks , theme parks often want to teach visitors something. skimming

  11. *Read the text quickly and find out the mainidea (or topic sentence) of each paragraph: Para. 1 Theme parks often want to teach visitors something as well as providing fun. Para. 2 Theme parks try to make sure that visitors leave knowing more about their theme . Para. 3 Introduction to two famous theme parks in America. Para. 4 Theme parks are becoming more and more popular around the world.

  12. buildings,castles, statues, combine fun with the opportunity to learn something

  13. the World Park

  14. Effeil Tower The Opera House Arc de Trionphe

  15. Sydney opera Leaning tower Triumphal arch

  16. Statue of liberty pyramids Stonehenge

  17. customs, costumes, and culture of China’s fifty-five minorities combine fun with the opportunity to learn something

  18. Fruit festival Cultural exhibition

  19. Ethnic garden education Water-splashing festival

  20. rides, a conversation center, the discovery of the Ancient World, the dinosaur exhibition, Dolphin University, the Butterfly House Learn about life in the Ocean,and explore the past.

  21. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

  22. Ocean Park, Hong Kong Dolphin show

  23. Marine animals Ocean Park, Hong Kong Sharks

  24. Ocean Park of Hong Kong Ocean Park of Hong Kong

  25. Cartoon characters, rides, game, exhibition, The world of Walt Disney and his characters

  26. Castles in Disneyland

  27. Status of Walt Disney in Disneyland

  28. Mickey Mouse Donald Duck

  29. They can feel what it is like to do the things they have seen their heroes do in the movie. Do all the rides and activities based on Universal Pictures Movies

  30. Universal Studios, Hollywood, California

  31. Jurassic Park Dinosaur Universal Studios, Hollywood, California

  32. New theme parks are being built More advanced,experience everything in safe

  33. Discussion in group: 1.Is a theme park different from a traditional amusement park? In what way? 2.If you could visit one of the theme parks mentioned in the text,which one would you choose and why?

  34. Work together and Design a theme park

  35. Thank you for you attention