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Tips : Easy and Fast Tips For SEO

There are many technical things which you can use for improving your website’s SEO result. There are things which you can do on the page, and there are certain things that you can do to the pages’ programming code.

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Tips : Easy and Fast Tips For SEO

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  1. Easy And Fast Tips For SEO Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  2. There are many technical things which you can use for improving your website’s SEO result. There are things which you can do on the page, and there are certain things that you can do to the pages’ programming code. There are also lots of rough and technical thing which you can do off to the page. In this article we will see some unique basic fundamental step to every websites’ SEO. The tips in the following article are easy to implement and each tip will add positive move to your websites’ SEO result. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  3. Update your website periodically You need to update your site on a periodic basis but at least once in a year, but the trick is this is not the times of amount you update, but the frequency of update is a truck. You need to strategize a routine when you planned for update and pinched your websites. It is fine if once in a week you update, and it’s also fine if you update in a month. Just be regular when you do it. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  4. Routine update will not give you a heavy traffic very quickly, but it will build good reputation later on.  Google likes old website more than that of newer one, but in order for an old website to leverage this fact, it needs to get regular update. If you don’t do this on periodically basis than Google will simply assume that your website is discarded. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  5. Add a keyword Main thing that the search engines use in order to use keyword is those find and index websites. Keywords are the words that people type in the search engine to find that what they are looking for. So let’s take an example that a person is looking for phone, then he or she may search on Google for “buy new phone” in which “buy” and “phone” are the keywords. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  6. If your website has the words “phone” and “buy” appearing a few times in it, then the person on the search engine may be presented with your website in the search engine results. Title for each page is very important. Title is the only thing which tells the reader and the search engine what your page is all about. If you add a keyword or two into the title, it will show the search engines that the keyword is an important one. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  7. Fill out the Meta tags on your site This is the technical part and this you have to do within the code of your website. If the website was built by another person or a CMS then it is beneficial to you because there is a chance that your website has Meta tags. If you don’t have Meta tags in your website then you have to add it by yourself. Meta tags are the important part of your website SEO. One word describes your webpage and another word holds the keyword for your web page.  Try to add two or three keywords into your Meta description too. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  8. Add unique and creative content to your site Google always like unique, creative and original content. If you can make your content as good as you can than you will see your website starts to climb up the search engine results. A website whose having the fresh content is hold more search engine friendly, and fresh content is also a positive factor is SEO terms. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  9. Make URLs more search engine friendly Make a knot in your mind not to put numbers and symbols in your page URLs. Make an easy use of keywords which makes little easier for human to read.  Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  10. Use the H tags in your web content This is the thing which shows search engine that which words are important and which are important but less important. You may do this with the help of H tags and by numbering them.  The H1 tag should be the headers because they are important. The tag will go in a sequence manner from 1 to 6, with the words in H6 tags being the least important. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  11. Make your page fast and light weight and easy to load A page contains certain amount of Megabytes. Try to learn a few new more things by which you can lower the MB on your webpage. The pages which loads faster they are more search engine friendly. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  12. Pick quality anchor text to use Anchor text is the text which appears in the link on your website. The following text should be little bit descriptive. The word which you use it should be relevant to. Do not repeat the same anchor text again and again because if you will do this may be your website will get penalized. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  13. Put your page content in bold letter The following trick is old but still it works. On your webpage try to bold at least two important keywords.  This will show the search engine that those keywords are important, and they are relevant to the content page. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  14. Internally link your website • There should be at least three internal links on every page. You need to make sure that your website doesn’t rely heavy on search. You should need to configure the manual way by which any person can click onto their desired page. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

  15. Post ByMihirBarot is a content writer and a professional writer. He is associated with a reputed and recognizedwebsite development company for years now, shares information on the latest trends in the field of Mobile application development. Visit Us : www.optiinfo.com

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