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Mid-term review

G NSS for IN novative road A pplications. Mid-term review. WP4 status review 5 November, 2009 Dublin, Ireland. WP4.1: Dissemination and exploitation. Review of actions carried out in the period Planning of the next activities. ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS.

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Mid-term review

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  1. GNSS for INnovative road Applications Mid-term review WP4 status review 5 November, 2009 Dublin, Ireland

  2. WP4.1: Dissemination and exploitation • Review of actions carried out in the period • Planning of the next activities PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)


  4. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS • Communication channel n°1: • Agreement to organise joint workshop with GSC in March – ERTICO will contact Stockholm group members PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)


  6. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS • Czech Ministry: Václav CERNY, Head of Unit Telematics and Road Network Charging. • Expert: Ladislav Bina, Technical University of Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Department of Logistics and Transportation Process – Deputy Head • Slovenian Ministry: Dean Herenda, Head of Road Tolling and ITS Division – re-contacted but no feedback • Milan Transport Authorities – Teleconference on 30 October Paolo Cerini/ Pierluigi Serlenga/Sara Gutiérrez Barcelona Transport Authorities - Contact via Sergi Sauri once Workshop 1 in motion Denmark – Jens Hermann Palbøl - SKAT – Part of the Ministry of Taxation – Advises DK government on setting up RUC scheme PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)

  7. CONTACT OTHER PROJECTS GSC: Firm contact with Oene Kerjstenst to organise Workshop 1 SIGNATURE: contact established with project coordinator, Kevin Sheridan, teleconference with Sara on 28/10 SISTER: request sent to project coordinator, Adam Brzozowski, no feedback OPTITRANS, GSW: Laison with Nick Williams PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)

  8. COMMUNICATION TOOLS • Website: • news highlight updates • 382 visitors (Sept-Oct), from 45 countries (USA, China, Canada, Russia, India, Brazil, Australia) • 35% increase • GINA Leaflet PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)

  9. ABSTRACTS/PRESENTATIONS • ITS World Congress in Stockholm, 21-25 September – presentation • 9th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications, Lille 20-22 October – presentation • Transport Research Arena 2010 "Sustaining Road Transport Mobility through innovation in Europe“, 7/10 Jun 2010 – Paper submitted • Abstract submitted for Toulouse Space show – 8-11 June 2010 • 2nd EasyWay Annual Forum, 17/19 Nov 2009 – GINA stand PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)

  10. ARTICLES • Article to feature in Thinking Highways in December • Good contact with InsideGNSS magazine – possibility to have news coverage plus dedicated article at the end of trials • Article to be included in Inave publication (December release) • Interview with EL MUNDO (one of largest Spanish newspapers) to be published soon (no specific date provided by journalist) • Other magazines contacted: Transport Times, Transportation Professional, Surveyor, Professional Engineering, Bircham Dyson Bell Road Charging Bulletin PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)

  11. NEWSLETTER/PRESS RELEASES • GINA Newsletter 3 – September 2009 • Next issue: Dec 2009 • GINA Press release 3 –ITS Stockholm • Next issue: ? PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)


  13. WORKSHOP #1 • Finalise agenda • Prepare a background/discussion paper • Set date and venue (Brussels) • Prepare workplan for GINA/GSC PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9) 17/09/2014 Page 13

  14. OTHER • Easyway Conference participation • December Newsletter + press release • Abstracts: submission of new ones and completion of the following steps • Articles: proposal for new ones to magazines / reviews / newsletters • Identify new conferences - Road User Charging Conference - 22/23 Feb 2010 - Brussels • Pricing of Transportation Systems to be held on May 13 and 14, 2010 Orlando • Encourage participation of more GINA partners in events PRESENTATION TITLE VERDANA (9)


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