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DJRS. WESS. Jump. Mod 1: Intro To DJRS. Welcome to the Naval Safety Center’s Training Course for the Jump portion of the Dive/Jump Reporting System (DJRS). . In this Module, we will give you: A quick Introduction to DJRS A Look At Basic DJRS Capabilities, Configurations and Functions.

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Mod 1: Intro To DJRS


Welcome to the Naval Safety Center’s Training Course for the Jump portion of the Dive/Jump Reporting System (DJRS).

  • In this Module, we will give you:
  • A quick Introduction to DJRS
  • A Look At Basic DJRS Capabilities, Configurations and Functions


*Mod 1- Intro To DJRS

*Mod 2- Requesting Account Access

*Mod 3- Manifest Creation & Submission

*Mod 4- Advanced Administrative Roles

*Mod 5- Reports and Misc. DJRS Functions

*Mod 6- School House Specific Roles

Topics covered:


DJRS Capabilities

DJRS Configurations

Basic DJRS Functions



  • As per OPNAVINST 5102.1D, & 4630.24, All reportable mishaps are to be reported electronically to COMNAVSAFECEN.
  • As per OPNAVINST 3501.225C: All Premeditated Personnel Parachute jumps must be reported electronicallytoUSAQMC&S, Fort Lee, VA through the Naval Safety Center via DJRS.
wess djrs
  • Web Enabled Safety System (WESS)-A secure system used to electronically report mishaps directly to COMNAVSAFECEN.
  • Dive/Jump Reporting System (DJRS)-A subsystem of WESS, used not only to report Dive/Jump ops, but can also generate unit/individual reports and jump manifests, as well as help units to record & maintain quals, currency, & proficiency.
  • A Common Access Card (CAC) is required to log onto WESS/DJRS.
djrs capabilities
DJRS Capabilities
  • Allows commands to query past jumps, cargo drops, & individual parachutists.
  • Makes smooth manifests available with a push of a button for inspections.
  • Create, route, and approve Para Ops without printing a piece of paper.
  • Transfer jumpers to another command without printing a jump report.
  • Maintains current physical and HAPS expiration dates for reference.
djrs capabilities cont
DJRS Capabilities (cont.)
  • Provides Jumper & JM lapse dates and dates of last 4 jumps over the past 6 months.
  • Can generate an individual jump report to augment members official jump log.
  • OPNAVINST 3501.225C still requires units to maintain a hard copy of manifests for 3 years.
  • Same capabilities for the dive side.
  • Negates the requirement to generate and send monthly airdrop summary reports.

DJRS has 3 Major configurations:



-Dive & Jump

However, depending on your training, roles, & authority, each configuration will be slightly unique.


Basic DJRS Functions

Lists all of members jumps

Members jumps ops in progress

Unit jump history

Create jump manifests

Modify/update DJRS profiles

List/update quals/currencies/medical

Grant/remove privileges & authority to use certain DJRS functions

View/print unit cargo/personnel/individual jump logs, roles & currency

Logout of DJRS


Create Manifests

Create, edit, smooth, & print manifests for jumps & cargo drops.


List Personnel

List all your jumpers and key personnel.


Print Jump Logs

Provides the Jumper with a printer-friendly version of finalized and accepted jumps.


Edit, & Maintain DJRS Profiles

Edit and maintain your unit’s DJRS profiles. Keep track of jumper quals, currency, medical info and lapse dates. DJRS allows you to gain or transfer personnel when members PCS, separate, or retire.


Automatically Makes Airdrop Summary Reports

Most importantly, making monthly airdrop summary reports to the Naval Safety Center is no longer necessary. DJRS automatically provides unit’s jump/airdop info for monthly reports to USAQMC&S, Fort Lee, VA to satisfy OPNAVINST 3501.225C.

faq s
  • Q- Will I still have to maintain a jump log?

A- Yes

  • Q- Will I still have to maintain paper


A- Yes, for 3 years.

  • Q- Will DJRS reflect all my prior jumps?

A- No, All jumps performed before you become active in

DJRS will not be reflected in DJRS.

  • Q- Will DJRS track HRST?

A- No.

Any issues not addressed or resolved by this training module, please contact the WESS Help Desk at (757) 444-3520 ext. 7048 (DSN 564)


Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues regarding the system at:

Naval Safety Center

DJRS Administrators


(747) 444-3520 (ext. 7744)


(757) 444-3520 (ext. 7837)