cybersafety cybercitizenship and solo taxonomy n.
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Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship and SOLO Taxonomy: PowerPoint Presentation
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Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship and SOLO Taxonomy:

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Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship and SOLO Taxonomy: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship and SOLO Taxonomy:. Superclubsplus and Powerful Learning at Newmarket School. Newmarket Primary School Contact: Wendy is the principal of Newmarket Primary School in Auckland (SustainED ictpd Cluster).

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship and SOLO Taxonomy:' - oprah

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cybersafety cybercitizenship and solo taxonomy

Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship and SOLO Taxonomy:

Superclubsplus and Powerful Learning at Newmarket School.

newmarket primary school contact admin@newmarket school nz
Newmarket Primary SchoolContact:
  • Wendy is the principal of Newmarket Primary School in Auckland (SustainED ictpd Cluster).
  • She has completed her blue media star for SCP
  • Newmarket Primary School is a NetSafe pilot school for Superclubsplus.
  • Sonya is an experienced teacher and ICT Lead Teacher at Newmarket Primary School.
  • She has a Super Teacher Award from Superclubsplus and is training as a SCP Cybersafety online mediator.
  • Our Learning frameworks
    • SOLO Taxonomy
      • (Metacognition and Self efficacy)
    • Learn Guide Protect
      • (Cybersafety and Cybercitizenship)
  • Strategies and tools
    • HOT Maps and Rubrics
    • Superclubsplus
newmarket school
Newmarket School
  • Inner city Auckland school
  • Enviro School
  • Sustained ICTPD Cluster
    • SOLO Taxonomy
  • Netsafe Project
    • Superclubsplus trial school
our framework
Our Framework
  • At Newmarket School a key focus is enacting our core values
  • A key concept is whanaungatanga
  • Our aim is for our learners (students and teachers) to have strategies to learn and live well (in online environments)
  • At Newmarket School we love making learning explicit
  • We use SOLO Taxonomy and LGP to guide our teaching and learning
solo taxonomy
SOLO Taxonomy
  • Solo stands for the
  • Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes.
  • It was developed by Biggs and Collis is (1982)
  • John Biggs describes SOLO as a “framework for understanding”.
  • Solo identifies 5 stages of understanding.
  • Each stage embraces the previous level but adds something more.
  • Ben year 3 explains SOLO
  • LGP stands for Learn Guide and Protect
  • LGP is a framework that supports schools in creating a culture of responsible safe use of digital technologies
  • LGP promotes a student centered approach to teaching and learning about cybersafety and digtital citizenship across the curriculum
    • Refer to Breakout 4
our teaching tools
Our Teaching Tools
  • HOT Maps and Rubrics
  • Superclubslus
hot maps and rubrics implementing the new zealand curriculum
SOLO Taxonomy is the framework we use to guide teaching and learning

The HOT Maps and Rubrics are the tools.


Teachers make learning steps explicit

Chn can identify their next steps

Chn reflect on their learning (Self efficacy)

The depth of learning increases

HOT maps and rubricsimplementing the New Zealand Curriculum
an example of learning verbs
An example of learning verbs
  • Multistructural
  • Have more than one idea
  • Listing is a characteristic
Using HOT Maps and Rubrics (2)
  • Year 6
  • Other examples
discussion solo taxonomy1
Discussion: SOLO Taxonomy
  • Design and create a circuit
  • Explain how it works
  • Discussion Task -Using a Describe Rubric, discuss the feedback for Morgan
superclubsplus supporting whanaungatanga
Superclubsplus supporting whanaungatanga
  • Our initial action was to lock down and protect
  • Can’t lock down and protect
  • Guide- if we want to be strong learners in this environment
  • Superclubsplus has changed our online practice

www superclubsplus com
  • Build sites
    • School page for bronze awards
  • Discuss on forums
    • Eg At a distance Video
  • Earn stars and Bronze school awards
    • Eg: Cybersafety Awards
  • Email the other 200,000 plus clubbers world wide
    • Eg:Give feedback, chat
  • Webrings
  • Hub for activities
living well in online environments some recent experiences
Living well in online environmentsSome recent experiences
using solo in scp
Using SOLO in SCP
  • Look for Phoebe’s entry
  • Look for Shae’s entry
links of reference
Links of reference
feedback forms
Feedback forms
  • Please complete the ULEARN feedback forms and leave with us.
  • You can also give us feedback on