Discussion boards and their application
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Discussion Boards and their Application. I. Curriculum Teaching and Technology EDD 7914 CRN 22065 by Darcel Gardner, Deltrye Holt, Francisco Jimenez, Tamecia Scott. What are Discussion B oards?. Discussion boards are: Software programs Asynchronous conversations

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Discussion boards and their application

Discussion Boards and their Application


Curriculum Teaching and Technology

EDD 7914 CRN 22065


Darcel Gardner, Deltrye Holt, Francisco Jimenez, Tamecia Scott

What are discussion b oards
What are Discussion Boards?

Discussion boards are:

  • Software programs

    • Asynchronous conversations

    • Synchronous conversations

    • Online environment.

      • Discussion forums

      • Electronic bulletin boards

      • Virtual conference areas.

How are discussion boards used
How are Discussion Boards used?

  • Allows people to post messages.

  • Reply to messages in a online environment.

  • Allow for the posting of audio files, text files, video files, and images.

  • Promote ongoing communication.

Discussion boards and their application

Extending Face-to-Face Discussions

Initial post in Desire2Learn learning management system

Connecting clinical practicum using discussion boards
Connecting clinical practicum using discussion boards

  • Platform (Moodle)

  • Critical thinking and Problem Solving

    Case study example: You must perform a blood draw on Kelly, a 3-year-old girl who is accompanied by her parents and her 6-year-old brother. The child is visibly frightened by the prospect of the blood draw. What are some of the steps you can take to ensure that this procedure goes smoothly?

  • Students response

Discussion board and clinical practicum
Discussion board and clinical practicum

Evaluations of Discussion board

Demonstrations are embedded in discussion boards

Reinforcement to hands on learning

Discussion board supporting a book study
Discussion Board supporting a Book Study

  • Discussion boards were used to lead a school wide book study

    • The school engaged in a formal book study to promote a change in educational practices.

    • Teachers became members of a group using Moodle as a secure platform.

    • School members we required to read a book and post their own views on the book.

    • In addition, school members were required to respond to 3 additional post.

    • Teachers received Continuing Education Credits and bonus points on their annual evaluation.

Results of the book study
Results of the Book Study

  • The staff improved their collegial professional communication .

  • The staff involved with the project promoted the use of best practices within their classroom.

  • Those practices permeated to other staff members and increased the number of participants in the group.

  • Student results on standardized test increased.

  • The staff was much more unified as a result of the ongoing professional discussion.

Advantages of discussion boards
Advantages of Discussion Boards

  • Asynchronously and synchronous communication

  • Ongoing dialogue and collaboration

  • Increased accountability

  • Immediate feedback

  • Critical thinking, problem solving, and knowledge construction.

  • Independent of location

  • Online learning community

Disadvantages of discussion boards
Disadvantages of Discussion Boards

  • Encouraging people to participate.

    • Lack technology skills

    • Intimidated by technology

    • Lack content knowledge

  • Access to technology and software

    • Technical issues and support

    • Software version

  • Discussions lack direction

    • Teacher/ student focus


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