game pitch presentation game name x of the red n.
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Game Pitch Presentation - Game name: X of the RED PowerPoint Presentation
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Game Pitch Presentation - Game name: X of the RED

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Game Pitch Presentation - Game name: X of the RED - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Game Pitch Presentation - Game name: X of the RED. cPc Studio Paul Kwon, Chuan Wang, Changgon Cho. Background Story.

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game pitch presentation game name x of the red

Game Pitch Presentation- Game name: X of the RED

cPc Studio

Paul Kwon, Chuan Wang, Changgon Cho

background story
Background Story
  • In a world of chaos, neighboring countries has been invading the country of Red during its decline. After much land has fallen into the hand of these foes, one hero rose up. He has made it his mission to vanquish all foes and regain all the lost land. His name is X, and he will stop at nothing until he brings honor and glory to his country.
gameplay mechanics
Gameplay - Mechanics
  • Trajectory of shots fired is affected by gravity and power used.
  • Power used is determined by how long the fire key is held.
  • You may move the tank, but the tank will move very slowly; hard to dodge attacks.
  • Damage dealt depend on damage power of tank and how close the point of impact is.
  • After every shot, there is a reload time. (upgradeable)
  • Game is played in real-time.
gameplay stages
Gameplay – Stages
  • The game is designed stage-by-stage (2d side view).
  • Next stage is unlocked when you beat a stage for the first time.
  • Each stage will contain enemies that must be defeated.
  • Eliminating all enemies on screen wins the stage, losing all hit point loses the stage.
  • Every 4th stage is a boss stage.
gameplay hero progression save
Gameplay – Hero Progression & Save
  • Variables of the hero specs are upgradeable through currency gained by playing.
  • The game will auto save when hero clears a stage.
  • The game will auto load the last saved state.
  • There is an option to clear the saved state.
  • Hero can revisit any past stages.
  • Versus Mode unlocked upon finishing Campaign Mode
gameplay enemies
Gameplay - Enemies
  • Enemy accuracy will depend on the stage; later stage = more accurate.
  • Enemy get tougher and stronger as stage progresses.
  • Upgradable variables are the same as the hero. *other than size
  • Enemy size varies.
  • Bosses will generally have better stats than hero assuming the player did not replay any stages.
gameplay upgrade shop currency
Gameplay – Upgrade Shop & Currency
  • Currency gained will depend on the performance of the player on a stage.
  • Upgradable variables include:
    • Damage Output
    • Trajectory Speed
    • Reload Speed
    • Armor
    • Hit Point
    • Major missile-type upgrade (multi-shot and homing-missile)
challenges that need prototyping
Challenges that need prototyping
  • Auto Save & Load feature.
  • Have hero move along the rough terrain.
  • Particle emitters for shots & explosions.
  • Take friction & gravity into account when hero moves.
  • Multi-shots and homing missiles.
  • Implementing shot-power indicator:
    • The longer player holds the fire, the stronger the shot.
    • Will graphically display the power gauge.
  • Implementing the reload count-down indicator:
    • Basically the opposite of the shot-power indicator, except independent of user input.