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By Braeden Johnson. My Life. When I Was Born. I was born on August 1 st , 1996 in Watertown, South Dakota. Sports That I Play. Soccer Baseball Skateboard. Siblings. Brianna-Sister-14 Christopher-Brother-10 Culver-Brother-8 Sabrina-Stepsister-12 Brittany-Stepsister-16

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When i was born
When I Was Born

  • I was born on August 1st, 1996 in Watertown, South Dakota.

Sports that i play
Sports That I Play

  • Soccer

  • Baseball

  • Skateboard


  • Brianna-Sister-14

  • Christopher-Brother-10

  • Culver-Brother-8

  • Sabrina-Stepsister-12

  • Brittany-Stepsister-16

  • Dominic-Stepbrother-18

  • Brittany and Brady-Sister and Brother(Deceased)-19

Relatives from my mom s side
Relatives From My Mom’s Side

  • Uncle Bryan-2 kids-Dylan-20, Collin-11

  • Aunt Debbie-2 kids-Darin-34, David-32

  • Aunt Diane-She doesn’t have any kids, only stepchildren. I would say the reason for this is because she is a hoarder.

  • Aunt Lori-5 kids-Abbey-26, Kevin-24, Todd-22, Chelsea-21, Zach-12

  • My cousin Darin has 2 kids, Jordan, 12, Daniel, 9.

  • My cousin Todd has a baby girl who is 1.

Relatives from my mom s side pt 2
Relatives From My Mom’s Side (Pt 2)

  • My cousin Kevin has a kid named Alex who is 6. I think he might have another kid but who knows about him.

  • My cousin Chelsea has a kid who is 3.

  • I have many, many, many other relatives in Minnesota and Iowa.

Relatives from my dad s side
Relatives From My Dad’s Side

  • I really only see my crazy uncle and grandma.

  • My two other aunts live in Wisconsin and I think the other lives in Michigan.

  • I have only seen these 20+ cousins at my grandpa’s funeral 6 years ago.

How braeden johnson eats
How Braeden Johnson Eats

  • I eat Snack Pack Puddin’ a lot. They are very delicious!

  • Mountain Dew and Coke are the best pops.

  • My mother makes some mean chicken enchiladas, biscuits and gravy and chicken and rice.

Places i want to go
Places I Want To Go

  • North Dakota

  • Florida

  • California

  • Germany

People i would like to meet
People I Would Like To Meet

  • The Green Bay Packers

  • Jason “ Mayhem” Miller (MMA fighter)

  • Bill Robinson (Singer from Decrepit Birth)

  • Ben Orum (Singer from All Shall Perish)

  • I have seen those bands play, but haven’t met them.

Where i have lived
Where I Have Lived

  • From when I was born until I was 11 I lived in Milbank. Then I moved to Britton, SD. Then in the 6th grade I moved here around this area. I have been living here and going to school here since. I moved to Alpena last month.

Things i like to do
Things I Like To Do

  • Have Fun

  • Go Over To My Friends Houses

  • Play Video Games

  • Mow Lawn and Work

  • Listen to Music

What i would like to do when i m older
What I Would Like To Do When I’m Older

  • When I am older I would like to be a proud owner of a mechanic shop and work on cars or fix computers.

  • Then for a hobby/side job I would like a be a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter.

  • I am going to marry a Russian Mail-Order Bride.

  • I am going to join the National

  • Guard.

My 6 yr old dog braxton
My 6 yr Old Dog Braxton

  • My dog’s world revolves around sleeping, getting a bunch of attention, eating McDonalds Cheeseburgers, and sitting right in front of the heater.