Agriculture and fishing in the e u
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Agriculture and Fishing in the E.U. Cathal Sheehan. Map of Europe. Agriculture Policy.

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Agriculture and fishing in the e u

Agriculture and Fishing in the E.U

Cathal Sheehan

Map of Europe

Agriculture policy
Agriculture Policy

  • The policy that helps control agriculture in the E.U is known as the common agricultural policy it ensures that European food production goes hand in hand with rural communities and action on environmental challenges such as climate change and water management.

France has the most E.U farm land.


  • The E.U agricultural policy was first defined in the treaty of Rome in 1957.The common Agricultural policy was launched in 1962 and the first common EEC policy implemented. There aims were to ensure a fair standard of living for the Agricultural population and to stabilise markets.

The signing of the treaty of Rome in 1957.

Farming budget
Farming Budget

  • In 2010 , The E.U spent 57 billion on Agriculture development .Agricultural and fisheries subsides from over 40% of the E.U budget.

Fishing in the e u
Fishing in the E.U

  • 6.4 million tonnes of fish are caught per year in the E.U providing 350,000 people with jobs.


International co operation
International Co-operation

  • The E.U has fisheries partnership agreements with non EU countries and negotiates within regional and international fisheries organisations to ensure that waters all over the world are managed properly and not overfished.


  • The E.U has the worlds largest maritime with 1200 ports and the worlds largest merchant fleet.90% of foreign trade is seaborne.

Developing aquaculture
Developing Aquaculture

  • Worldwide, demand for fish and other aquatic products is increasing: EU aquaculture can help meet this demand. Today, a quarter of the tonnage of fish and seafood produced in the EU already comes from fish farms and other forms of aquaculture.

Large Fishing Trawler.