A participant s view of the internet assessment system ias updated september 2004
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A Participant’s View of the Internet Assessment System (IAS) updated: September 2004. What is the Internet Assessment System (IAS)?. IAS is a web-based tool designed to allow anytime, anywhere access to CCL assessments. Participants use IAS for: Administration Completing assessments

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A participant s view of the internet assessment system ias updated september 2004 l.jpg

A Participant’s View of theInternet Assessment System(IAS)updated: September 2004

What is the internet assessment system ias l.jpg
What is the Internet Assessment System (IAS)?

IAS is a web-based tool designed to allow anytime, anywhere access to CCL assessments.

Participants use IAS for:

  • Administration

  • Completing assessments

  • Monitoring status

How do participants access ias l.jpg
How do Participants Access IAS?

Participants type their e-mail address and password, which is provided in the invitation e-mail and select LOG-IN.

Upon successful login, the participant will have the ability to update profile information, including name, email address, and password.

Rater management l.jpg
Rater Management

Next they select the Participant role from the IAS Lobby.

The program/session name associated with the assessment initiative is displayed.

When completing a 360-degree assessment, participants select Rater Management in the column on the left.

Rater management5 l.jpg
Rater Management

Participants are instructed how to add raters by following onscreen instructions. To begin the process, select the Add/Edit raters link.

Participants obtain rater distribution guidelines by selecting the “how many raters should I add?” link.

Select Add Rater, or click anywhere within the table to begin building the rater list.

Rater management6 l.jpg
Rater Management

Participants will add their rater information here.

The page refreshes after each rater is added so participants can continue adding raters.

Rater management7 l.jpg
Rater Management

Participants can use the scroll bar to view the list of raters entered. Rater information can be edited as needed by selecting the EDIT link, or selecting the name of the participant.

Participants may delete a rater from the rater table by selecting the DELETE link (raters cannot be deleted after surveys have been sent).

Participants can also email select raters by clicking on the rater’s email address. This will call the participant’s own email program (i.e., Outlook) so that the email comes directly from the participant.

Rater management8 l.jpg
Rater Management

When finished entering all rater information, participants select Next.

Participants review their list of raters and select Send Now when ready to send surveys to their rater list. Anytime participants add new raters after sending their original list, they need to select Send Now again.

Rater management9 l.jpg
Rater Management

From the rater management menu, participants can View Rater Status, Resend Passwords to Raters, and Send Reminders to Raters

Here, participants may also be notified of any important messages regarding the status of their rater forms.

Upon selecting View Rater Status, the participant can view the minimum number of forms required to receive feedback in that category, as well as the number of forms raters have returned.

Completing assessments l.jpg
Completing Assessments

From the Rater Management menu, participants can then begin completing their self surveys by selecting the Go to Assessment Navigation link.

The information participants need to complete is in the checklist in the left column. Participants must complete information in blue first.

Completing assessments11 l.jpg
Completing Assessments

To begin, participants select the Policy on Privacy, which the browser displays in a separate window. Participants can save or print the document if needed, then close the window by selecting the “X” in upper right corner.

Completing assessments12 l.jpg
Completing Assessments

After closing the window, the Policy on Privacy document is designated as “Completed.”

Participants continue to the next available (as noted in blue) document in the list.

*Please note, submitting the Participant Background Form is required for all assessments.

Completing assessments13 l.jpg
Completing Assessments

The assessment(e.g., “Benchmarks”)now appears in blue, which indicates that the participant can complete it next.

The options in blue allow the participant to begin completing the assessment or assign more raters.

Completing assessments14 l.jpg
Completing Assessments

Participants select the Start My Survey Process link to complete the self survey.

Participants complete questions in the assessment by selecting responses. Click Next to save responses and move to the next page.

Completing assessments15 l.jpg
Completing Assessments

Participants may select the Save and Exit link and return to the document later, if needed.

After participants have completed the survey, they select Submit on the last page. Responses cannot be changed after the survey is submitted.

Completing assessments16 l.jpg
Completing Assessments

If the client administrator allows participants to switch from Internet to paper, the participant may only switch once.

To switch from Internet to paper, participants select the Switch to Paper Assessment option located on the Event page.

*Not all participants will have this option.

For more information l.jpg
For More Information:

For more information about the Internet Assessment System, please contact one of our product services representatives at 336.545.3759 or at [email protected]