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Manufacturing One Task jobs have gone offshore and we need to place consumers in Multi Task jobs PowerPoint Presentation
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Manufacturing One Task jobs have gone offshore and we need to place consumers in Multi Task jobs

Manufacturing One Task jobs have gone offshore and we need to place consumers in Multi Task jobs

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Manufacturing One Task jobs have gone offshore and we need to place consumers in Multi Task jobs

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  1. The Cutting Edge Approach with Assistive TechnologyPresenters:Lorraine Norwich MSIS, BSMEAssistive Technology Specialist and Vocational Evaluatorand Eileen Slutsky, M.A., CRC, CVE Director, Disability & Assessment Services Jewish Vocational Service Los Angeles

  2. Manufacturing One Task jobs have gone offshore and we need to place consumers in Multi Task jobs Assistive Technology plays a key role in this process

  3. Overview • Vocational Practices • Assistive Technology used in Vocational Practices • Universal Design • Application of Assistive Technology with Vocational practices • Examples Of Creative Approaches And Success Stories • Discussion


  5. Workforce Development • All programs that prepare people for work, including educational segments, special programs, and job training and employment programs that involve job seeking skills training and placement

  6. Accreditation In 2001, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) included Assistive Technology as a service category in its Employment and Community Services Standards Manual. This move to review and accredit this area demonstrated the need for quality control in measuring accuracy for Assistive Technology services. Standards for other services also look at the use of Assistive Technology and necessary accommodations. •

  7. Standardized Vocational Evaluation Tests Used at Community Work Services and Jewish Vocational Services • Vocational evaluation tests the person's transferable skills to assess: • Aptitudes • Achievement Skills • Vocational interests • Strengths and limitations • General abilities • Specific needs and interests

  8. Academic Tests RAI Reading Index RAI Arithmetic Index ABLE II ABLE IIII WRAT 3 Tests of Adult Basic Education

  9. RAI Reading Index Picture/Word Association Word Decoding Phrase Comprehension Sentence Comprehension Paragraph Comprehension

  10. RAI Arithmetic Index Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers Fractions Decimals and Percentages No calculator is allowed, unless there a person has no functional vision.

  11. ABLE II and ABLE III Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Spelling Language Number Operations Problem Solving

  12. WRAT III • Reading - From a list of words • Spelling • Arithmetic ( 15 minute test)

  13. Interest Inventories Harrington O’ Shea Career Clusters COPS Career Occupational Preference System - Combined Interests, Aptitudes and Work Values O’Net shows occupations

  14. Examples of Psychometrics Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test – diagrams with written words Minnesota Paper Form Board Test -Spatial Relationsuses only diagrams Minnesota Clerical Test- Speed and Attention to Detailwith words and numbers

  15. Work Samples Crawford Small Parts Dexterity Test -Fine/Finger and Manual Dexterity Bennett Hand Tool Test - Skill and Dexterity with Tools Whole Body Range of Motion (V9) Size Discrimination/Bi-Manual Ability (V2)

  16. Examples of Computer Testing SRA Computer Operator Aptitude Batteryto determine ability to do computer programming that includes Sequence Recognition Format Checking Logical Thinking ProveIt software application testing Qwiz

  17. Additional Tests used at Jewish Vocational ServiceLos Angeles

  18. Interest Inventories • Self-Directed Search • VPI (Vocational Preference Inventory) – • Gordon Occupational Checklist II  • COPES (Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey) • COPS-PIC (Career Occupational Preference System Picture Inventory Of Careers) • SPOC (Sistema de Preferencia Ocupatcional de Carreras) • WRIOT (Wide Range Interest Opinion Test) • EUREKA • OASYS • Occupational Briefs

  19. Academic - Achievement Tests • ABLE (Adult Basic Learning Examination) Screening Battery • TABE (Tests of Adult Basic Eucation) • RAI Reading Index-12 (goes through 12th grade) • RAI Arithmetic Index-12 (goes through 12th grade) • Gates-Mac Ginitie Reading Test (Level AR: Adult Reading) • CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Skills Assessment System) • The Woodcock-Johnson III Complete Battery (Tests of Achievement & Tests of Cognitive Abilities) • Bateria III Woodcock-Munoz (Pruebas de Aprovechamiento & Pruebas de Habilidades Cognitivas)

  20. Comprehensive Assessment Batteries • CareerScope • APTICOM • DAT (Differential, Aptitude Tests)

  21. Aptitude Tests • Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal • PTI-Oral Directions Test • Employee Aptitude Survey • SRA Mechanical • Clerical Ability Battery • Minnesota Rate of Manipulation • Purdue Pegboard • CALIP (Computer Aptitude, Literacy and Interest Profile)

  22. Aptitude Tests (Con’t.) • SRA Word Processor Battery • CSSI (Customer Service Skills Inventory) • Sales Aptitude Test • Teamwork-KSA • SRA Pictorial Reasoning

  23. Work Samples • JEVS/VITAS • Valpar Component Work Samples • Independent Perceptual Screening (Spatial Aptitude) • Small Tools-Mechanical • Numerical Sorting • Upper Extremity Range of Motion • Multi-Level Sorting • Simulated Assembly • Whole Body Range of Motion • Tri-Level Measurement • Soldering and Inspection (Electronic) • Electrical Circuitry and Print Reading

  24. Others • Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices • TONI-3 (Tests Of Non-verbal Intelligence-3) • BETA III • Adult Learning Style Profile • Social And Prevocational Information Battery (Revised) • SIV (Survey of Interpersonal Values) • TTS (Thurstone Temperament Schedule) • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) • BESI (Barriers to Employment Success Inventory)


  26. Assistive TechnologyCategories • Communications Aids • Computer Access Aids • Vision Aids • Education and Learning Aids • Ergonomic Equipment • Hearing and Listening • Mobility and Transportation • Seating and Positioning • Memory Aids

  27. Communication Aids

  28. Computer Access Aids Computer Software and Input Devices and Vision and Reading Aids

  29. Scanners and Screen Readers • Scanning is a process of using an electronic input device to convert analog information such as print material, maps, photographs, etc., into a digital format usable by a computer or hand held device. • A screen reader is a software program that uses synthesized speech to "speak" text and graphics out loud. This type of program is used by people with learning disabilities and people who are blind and visually impaired.

  30. JAWSUsed mainly for People who are visually impaired Hot keys – are used to work with Jaws e.g.. Open is Ctrl + O

  31. Dolphin Lunar Plus Magnifier with Speech Pocket Hal

  32. Kurzweil 3000Used for People who are Learning Disabled – Mouse Driven

  33. Read & Write Gold

  34. Inbuilt and Downloadable Accessibility Features • Microsoft • Apple Accessibility • Narrator, the free screen reader, included in Windows XP and can be accessed simply by pressing the 'windows' key and U. • You have to copy what you are going to listen to • ORCA from Sun Microsystems • Note: All of the above have limited features.

  35. New Operating SystemVista • ReadPlease • Free Version of this Screen reader • Web Site for 2003 version • • You have to copy what you are going to listen to

  36. Magnification SoftwareMAGic, Zoomtext and BigShot

  37. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Versatile PC Compatible Free Standing Portable

  38. Hand Held Devices • Digital Hand held devices allow people to walk around and listen to information • Comparison of devices • Comparison of Digital Software Products

  39. Hand Held DeviceTelex Designed for people who have a visual impairment or learning disability, this DAISY CD Player also accepts standard CDs and MP3 CDs. The player will provide instant access to specific page numbers and chapters in the DAISY structure, and includes a full numeric keypad with book-marking feature.

  40. Roller Mouse PerFit Mouse

  41. Trackballs

  42. KeyboardsExamples of Alternativekeyboards

  43. Colored Keyboards

  44. KeyboardsExamples of Alternativekeyboards Left handed Keyboard Large Print labels

  45. Hands Free InputSpeech to Text Dragon Naturally Speaking • Speech to Text Software

  46. Education, Learning and Memory Aids • Inspiration • Hand Held Devices – Palm Pilots • Watches that Vibrate and/or beep • Color Coding devices

  47. Inspiration • Learning Tool • Integrates visual learning software into lesson plan • Organize thinking using graphic organizer • Visually represent concepts and relationships. • Technology Used on Computers –PC & Macintosh, Interactive White Board, Hand Held Devices, Tablet PC

  48. Hand Held DevicesPDA, and Pocket PC, Blackberry • Time Management • Organizational Management • Work when moving around that can be downloaded to a PC