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Introduction to IMC

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Introduction to IMC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to IMC. Marketing Communications. Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relations/Publicity Personal Selling Direct Marketing & E – Marketing Event Marketing. Integrated M arketing Communications (IMC).

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marketing communications
Marketing Communications
  • Advertising
  • Sales Promotion
  • Public Relations/Publicity
  • Personal Selling
  • Direct Marketing & E – Marketing
  • Event Marketing
integrated m arketing communications imc

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

It is the communications mix adopted by a company to derive synergies from the various types of marketing communications available

advertising has its origins in the u s in the early part of the 20 th century

Advertising has its origins in the U.S. in the early part of the 20th century

Volney B. Palmer – media broker

Ads were released to make the magazines interesting and the media paid for the ads instead of getting paid!

ladies home journal 1902
Ladies Home Journal -1902

“The editor of the Ladies Home Journal thinks that we publish it for the benefit of the American women. This is an illusion, but a very proper one for him to have. The real reason, the publisher’s reason is to give you who manufacture things American women want, a chance to tell them about your product – Cyrus H. K. Curtis, founder of ladies Home Journal

definitions of advertising
Definitions of Advertising
  • Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor. – Kotler
  • Advertising is a paid, mass mediated attempt to persuade
  • “salesmanship in print”
  • Substitute for a human salesman
economic effects of advertising
Economic effects of advertising
  • Provides information
  • Maintains or enhances brand equity
  • Supports the media
  • Provides employment
  • Reduces distribution cost
  • Provides product utility
  • Stimulates introduction of new products
ethical issues to advertising
Ethical Issues to Advertising
  • Over 16000 crores is the adspend of this country. Can this not be used for more productive purposes?
  • Goods could be cheaper if such huge adspends were not incurred by industry
  • “Advertising makes people buy things which they never knew, which they don’t need with money that they don’t have”
  • Advertising is intrusive and invades personal privacy
  • Advertising is manipulative and has a damaging influence on impressionable minds
  • Advertising is offensive and distasteful.
  • Advertising promotes and raises aspirations fuelling a materialistic society
  • Advertising promotes harmful products like tobacco and alcoholic beverages
  • Advertising promotes stereotype thinking
  • Advertising leads to deceptive claims being believed by a gullible society
advertising media
Advertising Media
  • Press
  • Electronic
  • Cinema
  • Radio
  • Outdoor



the communication process
The Communication Process











major institutions involved in the field of advertising management
Major Institutions involved in the field of Advertising management

Control Institutions

Facilitating Institutions


Ad agency






Markets and Consumer behaviour

the advertising agency
The Advertising Agency
  • Client Servicing/Accounts management
  • Media
  • Creative
  • Accounts
  • Personnel/HRD
niche agencies
Media shops – Mindshare, Madison, Starcom

Creative boutiques – Ray and Kesavan

Event management agencies- Wizcraft

Sales Promotion agencies

Direct marketing outfits – Lintas Direct

PR houses – Genesis

Research suppliers – MARG, IMRB, Nielsen

Niche Agencies
role of advertising within the marketing program
Role of Advertising within the Marketing Program
  • What can advertising do and cannot do?
  • Contribution of advertising to sales
  • Mix of ‘Pull’ and ‘Push’ in the communication mix