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Temperate Rainforest

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Temperate Rainforest. Calvin Calloway G Hour APES 10-7-13. World Distribution Map. Temperate Rainforest are found in the following areas: Along the Northwestern Coast of America Small areas of Chile Small areas of New Zealand Australia Europe Asia. Major Characteristics.

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temperate rainforest

Temperate Rainforest

Calvin Calloway



world distribution map
World Distribution Map

Temperate Rainforest are found in the following areas:

  • Along the Northwestern Coast of America
  • Small areas of Chile
  • Small areas of New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Asia
major characteristics
Major Characteristics
  • The average elevation of temperate rainforests ranges between sea level-750 meters
  • The geographical features include trees, mosses, bushes, rivers and at some temperate forest there may be mountains
  • Temperate rainforest have at least 2-3 m of precipitation a year, in warmer areas there is at least 3.5 m
  • The precipitation can be in form of either rain or snow (if higher in elevation)
  • They may also be misty or foggy
major characteristics1
Major Characteristics
  • The usual high temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The usual low temperature is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Most Temperate Rainforests tend to be cool
  • Temperate Rainforest have hardly any wind
animals plants
Animals & Plants
  • There is a large amount biodiversity among slugs
  • Bears
  • Racoons
  • Birds
  • Deer/Elk
  • Fungi (Mushrooms)
  • Lichens (Moss)
  • Coastal Redwood
  • Western Skunk Cabbage
indigenous people
Indigenous People
  • 1.6 billion people depend on temperate rainforest for water
  • The Pygmy tribe, who hunt and gather for food
  • The Huli tribe, who hunt, gather food and grow crops
  • The Yanomami tribe live in large circular buildings composed of vine and leaf thatch
anthropogenic problems
Anthropogenic Problems
  • Animals are being hunted at Temperate Rainforest
  • There are laws set in place to help protect the population of animals
  • Trees are being cut down for ships, houses, furniture, agriculture, and firewood
  • The members of a program called Global Releaf are planting native trees to make sure the population of trees does not get too low
  • This graph shows the average high, low and amount of rainfall/snowfall for temperate rainforest for Vancouver Island
  • This graph shows the differing amounts of rain for different types of biomes
  • This graph shows the different percents of biomes that are located around the world
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