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SWG Agro-Foord Presentation of region and cluster-activities PPx PowerPoint Presentation
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SWG Agro-Foord Presentation of region and cluster-activities PPx

SWG Agro-Foord Presentation of region and cluster-activities PPx

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SWG Agro-Foord Presentation of region and cluster-activities PPx

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  1. SWG Agro-FoordPresentation of region and cluster-activities PPx Sofia, November 25th, 2010

  2. Cluster mapping for Romania

  3. Existing clusters: • Agro-Food Regional Cluster; – Arad • Agro-Food Cluster Bucharest; - Bucharest • Agro-food Cluster; – Iasi

  4. Members included in Agro Food Clusters: • Vegetable and animal farms; • Facilities for collecting, storing and conditioning of agricultural products; • Manufacturers of chemicals and canning for agriculture and food industry; • Primary processing units of agricultural products; • Food manufacturers;

  5. Members included in Agro Food Clusters: • Facilities for testing and certification (organic and traditional products); • Marketing; • Professional associations and employers; • Central, Regional and local authorities; • R&D entities; • Universities, high schools, vocational training centers;

  6. Main activities of cluster: • Marketing and lobby at ministerial level, Commerce Chambers, any other related target; • Participation in joint stands at international fairs and exhibitions; • Organizing meetings and seminars;

  7. Main activities of cluster: • Regular meetings with members to exchange experience and information; • Organizing tours and field trips to visiting farms; • Consultation on EU access programs; • Support for demo projects;

  8. CLUSTER AGROO FOOD BUCHAREST-ILFOV Leader: Ownership of tractors and agricultural machinery manufacturers from Romania (PACTMAR), since 1995

  9. CLUSTER AGROO FOOD BUCHAREST-ILFOV Members: • National Institute for R&D for machinery and equipment for agriculture and food industry – (INMA – R&D I) • 12 companies (5 from Bucharest, 3 surrounding towns, 4 other cities);

  10. CLUSTER AGROO FOOD BANAT CRISANA Cooperation agreement: 12 March 2010, within the presentation of INOVCLUSTER project; Objective: creating a cluster in the agro-food sector within western region as support for economic growth and competitiveness of the sector and companies involved

  11. Initiators: - Arad Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture – RO4EUROPE - CITEXPO Arad – Technology Information Centre - Bucharest National Institute for Agricultural Machinery - InPulse Partners SRL – Bucharest • “AurelVlaicu” University – Arad

  12. Founding partners: • Ministry of Education and Research, National Scientific Research Authority – Technology Transfer and Innovation Department • INMA Technology and Business Incubator – ITA • Timisoara Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine University of Banat

  13. National Institute for Agricultural Machinery – Timisoara Subsidiary • Cattle Growers’ Association – ASVAC Arad • Pecica City Hall – Arad District • Arad Environmental Protection Agency • Western Regional Development Agency • Austrian Agricultural Cluster • SC Trading Fidesco SRL Timisoara

  14. Each member role in cluster: • Arad Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, RO4EUROPE: services addressed to the business environment, to SMEs and Enterprise Europe Network partners • Regional Development Agency: coordinator for elaborating policies in the field of durable regional development

  15. CITEXPO: technology information centre, in the field of environment and agriculture protection; permanently inform the members about the news in the field of agro-food sector • INMA: research at the request of the cluster members, supply of technology and innovative equipment, consultancy, innovative technology implementation, specialized professional training, testing and certification according to EU and INMA-CERT provisions

  16. Universities: personnel training, especially in the sector of production, processing and selling of agro products, in the superior capitalization of the agro-food chain, especially based on the short path, from manufacturer to consumer • partners in the agro-food sector activities: regional planning, R&D, technology transfer and services for the business environment, SMEs

  17. For the future: • identify economic units, priorities and economic perspectives from the agro-food sector; • unite their efforts for competitive growth; • continue and improve the current services in the field of business, innovation and applied research, supplied by Enterprise Europe Network

  18. expand synergies between regional partners by supplying adequate information services (simplification of administrative procedures); • improving the absorption of Community Funds; • know-how transfer and exchange of good practices

  19. Signed in Arad, at 01.08.2010, in three original copies, in English/Romanian.


  21. SME employers’ association Iasi: • Association of SME – city of Iasi • Association of SME – region of Iasi • Association of SME – North-East Region • Tourism employers’ association Iasi (agro tourism – as main client) • Regional association of Entrepreneurs North-East Region

  22. The R&D is provided by: • Town: Podu Iloaiei (r&d town in crops field) • Town: Pomicola Iasi (r&d town fruit tree field) • Town: Viticola Iasi (r&d town wine field) • Town: Dancu (r&d town cattle field) • University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” • Agricultural high schools: Holboca, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Miroslava, Vasile Adamachi, etc.

  23. APEV ROMANIA Wine Exporters and Produces Association of Romania: • Groups the most important wine exporters of the country, who hold together 80% of the total Romanian wine export in value terms • Was set up in 2001 as a non-profit legal entity

  24. Main objective: • act as generic promotional body for all Wines of Romania and for Romania as a top enotoursim destination in Europe; • Provide wide range of professional business support services that add value to member activities and thus help them become most respected members of the international wine community

  25. APEV Romania is also founder member of ONIV (, the National Interprofessional Vine&Wine Organization (a value-chain organization) • To enhance action capacity. APEV Romania is also member of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (

  26. Members: • Agricola Stirbey • Carl Reh Winery • Casa Panciu • Crama Girboiu • Cramele Halewood • Cramele Recas • Crama Ceptura • Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea

  27. Jidvei • Murfatlar Romania • Senator Wines • S.E.R.V.E. Ceptura • Vie-Vin Vanju Mare • Vinarte • Vincon Vrancea • Wine Princess • Domeniile Sahateni