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The Royal Roulette Betting System PowerPoint Presentation
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The Royal Roulette Betting System

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The Royal Roulette Betting System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here is a quick PPT tutorial on how to use The Royal System when playing casino roulette.

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The Royal Roulette Betting System

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if you consider yourself one of the most

If you consider yourself one of the most attentive roulette players, you definitely should try this system.

  • It is not designed for quick-tempered players, but for those who prefer to avoid unnecessary risk and adhere to a conservative strategy.
half a kingdom for the system
Half a Kingdom for the System?
  • What we want to present to you is the popular roulette strategy, which was allegedly used in the court of the French King Louis XIV.
however if you think about when he lived and when

However, if you think about when he lived and when actually formed at least basic roulette rules, it becomes clear that this is extremely unlikely.

  • Despite this, this system is much more popular than others because of its simplicity.
one dozen is good but two is better
One Dozen Is Good, But Two Is Better!
  • The advantage of the system is basically its simple principles.
  • It can be used in conjunction with more complex strategies, which allows players to achieve much greater gains.
  • Visit and try out this strategy!
all that is needed for this is to correctly apply

All that is needed for this is to correctly apply the game system.

  • How? Bets on dozens. More precisely, to bet on two of three dozen on the roulette wheel. Nothing complicated.
  • Allingenious is simple.
first observe a few consecutive spins and decide

First, observe a few consecutive spins and decide when to enter the game.

  • To start, make two bets on those two dozen that are not caught in the last back.
  • For example, if the last spin ended on the number 21 (from the second dozen)
  • Then your bet on the next spin should be on the first and third dozen.
if you did not win that is the next spin also

If you did not win, that is, the next spin also ended on the number of the second dozen, increase the rate by 1 euro (or the amount multiples of the one you decided to use).

  • If you are lucky and you won, do not change the amount of the bet. In this case, it is important not to forget to bet again on two dozen, which did not win. Remember this.
  • Never put different amounts on two selected dozens - this will violate the logic of the entire strategy and make it ineffective.
better to see once than to hear a thousand times
Better To See Once Than To Hear a Thousand Times

How can the game look like?

  • Say, we waited for the right spin, and the winning number was 7.
  • This number is from the first dozen.
  • Therefore, we put 1 chip on the second and third dozen. Suppose that the next spin won number 10. This means that we lost.
  • Therefore, we will raise our bet by 1 chip per dozen, that is now our bet is 4 chips.
  • Next came the number 22, which is included in one of the dozens chosen by us. It was the second dozen, so in the next game we put on 1 and 3 dozen.
it is easy to win
It is easy to win!
  • We keep the size of our bets and change only the placement of chips.
  • And so until we reach the weekly limit on winning.
  • Always try to ask him in advance and stick to it throughout the game!