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An Excursion to world of E book publisher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The endless tale, provides you with the services in hand that makes publishing easy after the tiring and bulky task of writing

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What is self publishing
What is self publishing?

  • Self publishing has left the traditional publishing way back.

  • It has owned the market ever since it came into the loop

  • Unlike traditional publishing where the commanding authority is the publisher, self publishing gives the command to the author.


  • In traditional publishing, the design of the book cover, rate of the book and even the choice to publish a book or not is reserved with the publishers.

  • Traditional publisher can even reject a manuscript from publishing if they don’t like the story or concept

  • In contrast to this, self publishing author is the deciding authority for finalization of the book cover design, final rate of the book etc.


  • ISBN is an International Standard Number which is specific and unique for every book.

  • It is a known fact that there are a gamut of books in this world and no matter how dexterous a man be, record of each and every text can’t be maintained and preserved.

  • To chuck the above mentioned issue ISBN was introduced


  • ISBN was came into the figure after invasion of internet

  • It is a unique code for each and every book except if the volume of book are being sold together or the book has been revised with slight amendments.

  • Else than this each book needs to have its own unique ISBN code through which it would be recognized and registered.

E book

  • This is the most popular among the youngster of today’s era

  • Instead of carrying heavy books students prefer to have e-books

  • Popularity of an e-book is not constrained to the novels only but the technical books and knowledgebase is also preferred in the form of e-book

Cover design
Cover Design

  • First impression is the last impression, this saying goes well when we talk about books

  • The book cover is the first impression and a major deciding factor if talked from the perspective of the book marketing

  • A book cover should be such that it portrays the essence of the story through it

Online marketing
Online Marketing

  • Marketing is a part that can’t be neglected when talking about the sale of the book

  • No matter how dexterous your writing skills are and how sublimed your book is, without promotion sales are guaranteed to ditch you