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Living Room Furniture: Essential and Decorative Components PowerPoint Presentation
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Living Room Furniture: Essential and Decorative Components

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Living Room Furniture: Essential and Decorative Components - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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living room furniture essential and decorative

Living Room Furniture: Essential and Decorative Components

When choosing your living room furniture you will have some essential components and

others that are more decorative, such as display items that are not essential, but nice to

have. For example, sofas and chairs can be regarded as essential, while coffee tables and

curio cabinets are functional, but not essential for a living room.

Small living rooms can be furnished only with seating and perhaps a small coffee table or

two, while larger equivalents will contain more luxurious choices of furniture. Here, we

shall discuss the essentials, and make some comment of the decorative items that might be

of use in small to medium size living rooms. Naturally, your choice will depend upon your

individual preferences, and if you love antiques or figurines a curio cabinet would be of

more interest than a cocktail cabinet or bookcase.

The Essential Components: Sofas

Sofas and chairs are the stock components of a living room. Sofas in particular, come in

many different varieties, ranging from double to four seater with no particular functionality

to sofas with reclining features, slides and even sofa beds that are useful for unexpected

overnight guests.

each of these forms of functionality involves

Each of these forms of functionality involves an extra cost, so you should choose wisely if

you elect to include them. For example, there is little need for a sleeper if you have a few

extra bedrooms for guests, and why purchase a recliner if you never use it. Not all people

like a footrest or to recline back when sitting, so the type of living room furniture you

decide to purchase should be determined first by your own specific needs, and those of any

potential future visitors should come second: you use your home more often than they do!

Naturally, if you have an unlimited budget then you can buy whatever you feel appropriate,

although the term 'essential' then boils down to what room you have rather than how much

you can afford to pay. Most ordinary people regard recliners and sofa beds as luxuries that

are purchased only if they offer a specific required benefit.

Armchairs and other Forms of Essential Seating

Unless you decide on sectionals, when you can furnish an entire living room with sofas of

varying functionality, armchairs are also standard components of most living rooms. In

fact, it is difficult to find a collection of living room furniture that does not include

armchairs. Even with these, however, you will find options.

Armchairs come in many guises, including recliners, sliders, lift chairs and rockers. Any of

these can be incorporated into a sectional ensemble, and each has its own particle usage.

rockers enable you to enjoy the comfort

Rockers enable you to enjoy the comfort of a rocking chair using your living room


Some options are more functional and useful to those that need them.

For example, the elderly or infirm would appreciate a lift chair that enables them to slide

down into the seat from a standing position and then be slowly dropped to a sitting

position. When they want to stand up, the chair rises and tips forward, enabling them to

simply walk away from it.

The Non-Essential Items

Non-essential items of living room furniture are those not necessary for the function of the

room: to sit and relax. Ultimately, that is what people do in sitting rooms, often watching

TV, listening to music or simply conversing. Here are some examples

Occasional Chairs and Tables

Occasional chairs include individual rocking chairs, antique chairs of a specific design that

are set apart from the general living room furniture, and also specific chairs that are

reserved for a disabled member of your family. An occasional table is one that is used for a

specific purpose, such as a coffee table or cocktail table.

End tables offer a resting place for drinks, snacks and books, and are generally situated at

either side of a sofa, or by one arm of a chair. These are non-essential items of living room

furniture that are nice to have where the room can accommodate them.

display and storage units

Display and Storage Units

Display cabinets, entertainment units and bookcases are all examples of display and

storage units that you will find in many living rooms that can accommodate them.

Entertainment units are frequently installed as a wall unit, offering space for a wide flat

screen TV, games consoles, speakers and various other items such as a hi-fi system and an

iPod dock and speaker unit.

When choosing your living room furniture, it is important that you deal with the essentials

first before looking at the decorative or non-essential items. There seems little point in

purchasing a beautiful entertainment unit, then finding you have no room for your

preferred seating. Sectionals can often make best use of limited space, but fundamentally

you should decide what seating you require and then work around that.

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