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Telugu News

http://www.onlineap.com is a news portal that presents news update for Andhra Pradesh,<br> Telangana and India. It covers different categories of news like Political, Social, Science<br> & Technology, Economic, Health Tips, Amazing Facts, Movie News and Sports etc. It also covers<br> breaking news, which scrolls up on top of the screen. Onlineap.com also has the feature of <br>TRANSLATE YOUR LANGUAGE that translates the English news into different Indian and foreign <br>languages like French ,German, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Chinese and regional languages <br>like Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. Its very method to <br>translate more details on http://www.onlineap.com<br>The visitor can choose their preference of language by pressing the drop-down button and <br>click on Translate link below the drop-down button.<br>A visitor can get news updates to their e-mail IDs directly. A visitor has to register <br>with this website. Just they need to type their e-mail ID on the right side of this website <br>and press the subscribe Button. Every day the news will be sent to their registered e-mail IDs.<br>you can read directly on http://www.onlineap.com

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Telugu News

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