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All about argentina

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All about argentina. Oscar Fernando Álvarez C. Pre- intermediate A. General information. Capital: Buenos aires Official language:spanish Population : 40,482,000 people Currency : peso argentino Idependence : from spain May revolution 23 may 1810 Declared 9 july 1816.

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Allabout argentina

Oscar Fernando Álvarez C.

Pre-intermediate A

General information

Capital: Buenos aires


Population: 40,482,000 people

Currency: peso argentino

Idependence: fromspain

Mayrevolution 23 may 1810

Declared 9 july 1816

Customs of argentina

The Yerba Mate You may know that the most popular national drink of Argentina is the mate, but very few know its origin. This arises from the typical habit of the Silver River and the first who used it were the Guarani Indians, who used this herb to prepare the drink, they said, was relaxing powers.

Football Without doubt, football in Argentina is the great passion. Its origin dates back to the last decades of the nineteenth century, and from United Kingdom. Since arriving in the country, it was adopted as a national sport. According to time passed it became a social phenomenon, as well as being a spectacle, became a pastime in which all social classes and regions of the country could join.

Tango The tango, a dance feature by their sensuality, is another custom which can be attributed to Argentina. This wonderful dance begins to arise in the River Plate between 1850 and 1890 and developed in the southern neighborhoods of San Telmo, Montserrat and Pompeii, with the name "arrabalero tango." In this dance involving all men and women from the suburbs, who danced with his strongly embraced.

The night life in Argentina is really great, since the sun sets the city acquired a special color that continues throughout the night. Bars and clubs will welcome you with open arms. The only reason that Argentines do not stay up late at night is they have to work the next day, however, is the nap to regain energy. The range of cultural and nightlife is extensive and varied in Argentina in order to enjoy this South American country. Argentina night is well known, in cities like Buenos Aires are hundreds that have the potential to spend the night, as well as in other Argentine cities, bars, restaurants, pubs, discos, is an impressive offering. Residential areas are quieter, but also have disks or bars where drink at any time.