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kentucky health insurance for college students PowerPoint Presentation
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kentucky health insurance for college students

kentucky health insurance for college students

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kentucky health insurance for college students

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    2. What Kentucky College Students Should know about Health Insurance

    3. Do any of these apply to you: Have you been taken off your parents health insurance? Are you not getting enough coverage through the schools health insurance? Are frequent visits to the doctor and/or chiropractor becoming to expensive? Have you been looking for a way to pay for prescriptions without loosing all your money? Do you need coverage for the whole year and not just when you are in school...

    4. Individual Health Insurance is the Answer!!!!

    5. If you attend a Kentucky college or university you may want to look into the insurance plan you have with the college and make sure you are not costing yourself more than necessary.

    6. With private health care you can get individual student plans with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United Health One or Humana for a great deal less. Some schools charge up to $2,000 or more for a plan that does not even have as many benefits.

    7. Sample Quotes:

    9. Benefits of getting insurance through an Insurance Agency rather than through the school: Part-Time Students: In many cases if you do not stay on the campus for housing, the coverage your school offers will not cover you. Having a plan through a professional independent agency can get you coverage no matter what your status is in school. So if you decide to go to school full-time, half way through the year, that does not affect your rates for insurance. Not on Campus/No Coverage: Unfortunately the plans most schools offer cant cover you if you get hurt off campus, or if you sprain your ankle, while at home for Christmas. Because the accident happened off-campus the schools insurance will not be able to cover you. If you get insurance through a private independent broker you are covered no matter how far from home or campus you are. Covered all Year: Getting an affordable student plan through a broker covers you the whole year not JUST during the school year as a plan with the school would. Coverage Immediately: Dont wait until the school year starts to be covered. GET COVERAGE IMMEDIATELY! !! By getting a student individual plan through an insurance agency you can have coverage starting the next day!. Need prescriptions: If you have an individual student plan you wont have to wait for that check from mom to get your prescriptions. Your prescriptions cost will be covered through your insurance. You just show the pharmacy your health insurance card.

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