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Bringing Clarity to Cloud Architecture with VPS by OneNeck I PowerPoint Presentation
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Bringing Clarity to Cloud Architecture with VPS by OneNeck I

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Bringing Clarity to Cloud Architecture with VPS by OneNeck I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Take a look at an exciting new cloud architecture service offered by OneNeck IT Services. Learn about VPS, cloud computing and more.

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Bringing Clarity to Cloud Architecture with VPS by OneNeck I

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Presentation Transcript

Bringing Clarity to

Cloud Architecture with

Virtual Private Servers

  • A look at an exciting new
  • cloud architecture service
  • offered by OneNeck IT Services
  • Presented by:
  • Hunter Bennett


  • Overview - OneNeck Managed Hosting VPS Offering
  • VPS Advantages
  • Available Bundles/Packages
  • Few Additional Details
overview of vps
Overview of VPS


What is VPS?

VPS, or virtual private servers are one of today’s hot cloud computing topics. VPS is a cloud architecture solution that bridges the gap between traditional shared hosting(i.e. low cost $10-20/mo. virtual web sites) and dedicated physical server hosting by allowing you to have a virtual server instance in OneNeck’s cloud infrastructure hosted in its data centers. The virtual server instances behave like a dedicated physical server to the end user, however is presented in a highly resilient framework at a lower cost than deploying physical, dedicated servers.

overview of vps5
Overview of VPS


What are the cloud components leveraged in this

cloud architecture?

OneNeck is leveraging VMWare vSphere 4.0 to provide server instances running for customers in their logical environment off of our centralized VPS farm hosting in our data centers. All infrastructure is provided including server infrastructure, network infrastructure, and disk (SAN) system.

overview of vps6
Overview of VPS


  • Design Overview:
  • The OneNeck VPS farm is divided into clusters, which are groups of physical servers working together to present VPS instances. Essentially, we have 8 physical servers per cluster with an extra ‘stand by’ server in the cluster to absorb runaway VMs or compensate for a server failure in the cluster leveraging VMWare DRS/HA.
overview of vps7
Overview of VPS


How is it presented?

You can choose the number of virtual processors, amount of allocated RAM, and amount of allocated disk (in 100 gig increments) via our shared SAN environment for each VM container a la carte.

What is included in our VPS offering?

  • Physical server hardware
  • VMWare vSphere 4 licensing
  • Network switching infrastructure
  • SAN/disk infrastructure
  • 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee
vps advantages
VPS Advantages


What are the advantages to VPS over traditional physical servers or customer owned virtualized infrastructure?

  • No hardware/cap. ex. needed to be purchased
  • No hardware support contracts, spare parts or hardware life cycles to manage
  • Leverages industry leading VMWare virtualization technology
  • Highly reliable disk storage leveraging redundant SAN infrastructure
  • Built in redundancy and survivability (even with the entry level VPS offering)
  • Quick turn up (no waiting for rack/stack or equipment shipments)
  • Lower costs for deployment and management
  • Can integrate into existing hosted environments even if existing environment is delivered on physical server hardware today
  • Flexible server configurations (pick your processor count, RAM allocation and disk space allocation)
  • Real time and near real time DR solutions available with VPS
  • Considered an energy efficient technology – greener for our future
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee of VPS environment
vps advantages9
VPS Advantages


“OneNeck’s VPS environment is different than others because the VMs are fully managed”

  • VPS is fully managed thru the OS layer (unlimited administration with no additional T&M costs)
  • Definable backup jobs to our centralized backup system (disk -> disk -> tape -> offsite)
  • Dedicated firewall rules and VLAN segmentation
  • Intrusion detection and security management services
  • Lumension® Hotfix management
  • Virus control and remediation
  • Monitoring and SLA reporting thru our Customer Management System (CMS)
  • Expert-to-expert Technical Helpdesk (24 x always)
vps bundles packages
VPS Bundles/Packages


Two flavors of VPS available:

High Availability (HA) VPS

High Fault Tolerance (HFT) VPS

See insert for more information

additional details
Additional Details


VPS Offering Notes:

  • VMWare vSphere is only offering currently - Microsoft Hyper-V and Oracle Virtualization being planned
  • Some physical interface limitations exist (i.e.: expansion cards)
  • HFT offering limited to one processor and may have some application limitations yet to be discovered
  • VPS server must be located in a OneNeck data center
  • VPS not always recommended for applications requiring real time CPU, high IO/transaction volume, and some CPU intensive uses (in other words, ‘your mileage may vary’)


  • Allows mixed infrastructure – physical and virtual
  • Allows mixed OS/applications
  • AllowsCPU and IO intensive applications to reside on physical servers in the same logical network as VPS VMs
resources and qa
Resources and QA



  • VPS Press Release:
  • VPS on our Web Site:
  • VPS Web Seminar: