Dm2010 high density nuclear matter stellenbosch south africa
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Hagedorn states and Thermalization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DM2010, High Density Nuclear Matter, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Hagedorn states and Thermalization. (courtesy L. Ferroni). Hadronization at the phase boundary…?. Hadronization – molecular dynamical simulation. C. Traxler et al., PRC59 1620 (1999). … Hagedorn spectrum.

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Dm2010 high density nuclear matter stellenbosch south africa

DM2010, High Density Nuclear Matter, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hagedorn states andThermalization


L. Ferroni)

Hadronization Africa

at the phase boundary…?

Hadronization Africa –

molecular dynamical simulation

C. Traxler et al., PRC59 1620 (1999)

… Hagedorn spectrum

Hadron resonance gas with hagedorn states and comparison to lattice qcd close to
Hadron Resonance Gas with AfricaHagedorn States and comparison to lattice QCD close to

J. Noronha-Hostler, J. Noronha, CG arXiv:0909.2908

  • Hagedorn spectrum:

  • RBC collaboration:

The order and shape of QGP phase transition Africa

I.Zakout, CG and J. Schaffner-Bielich, NPA 781 (2007) 150,

PRC78:034916 and arXiv: 1002.3119

density of states:

Crossover transition in bag-like models Africa

L. Ferroni and V. Koch, PRC79 (2009) 034905

density of states:

Strangeness production at SpS energies Africa

Production of Antihyperons:

QGP signature…?

J. Geiss

P. Koch, B. Müller, J. Rafelski

Production of anti baryons
Production of AfricaAnti-Baryons

Multimesonic channels

R.Rapp and E. Shuryak,

Phys.Rev.Lett.86(2001) 2980

C.Greiner and S.Leupold, J.Phys. G27(2001) L95




Chemical freeze out and of qcd
Chemical Freeze-out and of QCD Africa

(P. Braun-Munzinger, J. Stachel, C. Wetterich,Phys.Lett.B596:61-69 (2004))

Chemical equilibration

of baryon / anti-baryons:

Hadronic resonance gas

vs. lattice:

Multimesonic channels:

Possible solution by hagedorn states
Possible solution by AfricaHagedorn states

C. Greiner, P. Koch, F. Liu,

I. Shovkovy, H. Stöcker

J.Phys.G31 (2005)‏

Estimate for Africabaryon/antibaryon production

Micro canonical decay of hagedorn states
(Micro)canonical decay of AfricaHagedorn States

(Fuming Liu)‏

J. Noronha-Hostler Africa, CG, I. Shovkovy,

PRL 100:252301, 2008; and arXiv:0909.2908

Rate Equations

Decay Widths Africa

Linear fit (PDG)‏


Baryon anti-baryon decay ((micro)canonical)‏

the average proton number is

Analogously for Kaons, Lambdas and Omegas (!)

Time Scale Estimate Africa

Assuming and



Rising Populations Africa

  • pions andHS held at equilibrium:



Expanding fireball Africa

Varying parameters has only small effect!

protons Africa

Varying parameters has only small effect!

kaons Africa

Lambdas Africa

Omegas Africa


The strange sector of baryons antibaryons
The Africastrange sector of baryons/antibaryons

Importance of baryonic hs
Importance of AfricabaryonicHS ?

Summary Africa

Potential Hagedorn States close to critical temperature:

  • can explain fast chemical equilibration by HS regeneration

  • roughly:

  • roughly:

  • smaller shear viscosity of QCD matter at

  • Future: embedding into UrQMD

J. Noronha-Hostler, M. Beitel, CG,

I.Shovkovy arXiv:0909.2908, PRC in press

! Africa



! Africa



! Africa



many thanks, Jean

Particle Ratios as a Probe of the QCD Critical Temperature Africa

J. Noronha-Hostler, H. Ahmad,

J. Noronha, CG, arXiv:0906.3960

Hagedorn States provide a unique method to compare lattice results for Tc using thermal fits

Hagedorn states provide a lower chi^2 than thermal fits without Hagedorn states

Transport Coefficients of Hadronic Matter near Africa

J. Noronha-Hostler, J. Noronha, CG,

PRL103:172302 (2009)

While both η (due to the small MFP of HS) and s increase with increasing T, the entropy increases quicker close to Tc, which decreases η/s.


of a hadron gas including HS matches well with the lattice at


Three-particle Africa interactions through parton rearrangement

UrQMD+ Recombination, Baryonfusion, Quark annihilation

[H.Petersen et al. , arXiv:0805.0567v1 (2008)]

[G.Gräf, diploma thesis, Frankfurt (2009)]

Same mechanism previously implemented in QGSM

[Bleibel , Burau et al. , arXiv: nucl-th/0610021 (2007)]

[Bleibel , Burau et al. , arXiv: 0711.3366 (2008)]


Lambda multiplicity

Elliptic flow excitation function


Quark annihilation

- preliminary -

Production at rhic
production at RHIC Africa

Thermal rates within

chiral SU(3) description

Chemical population of

baryons / anti-baryons:

I. Shovkovy, J. Kapusta (2003)

P. Huovinen, J. Kapusta (2004)

Insufficient by a factor of 3 to 4

! Africa